🇬🇧 Report: Women groped at men-only charity gala in London

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In the UK, a report on an undercover investigation into sexual harassment at a men-only charity fundraising gala has caused outrage. The Financial Times sent two reporters undercover to work as hostesses at the annual Presidents Club charity dinner in London’s Dorchester Hotel, attended by senior figures from the world of business, politics and finance.

According to the two reporters, some of the 130 women employed as hostesses to entertain the all-male guest list were subjected to groping, lewd sexual comments and repeated requests to join diners in the bedroom.

Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Phillips reports from London.

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lenin irshad says:

happent all the time …..as if its normal …
its just the shape of her!!!discusting…..

David Ward says:

All this reporter did was create victims, the women that won't get this kind of work in the future, the charities that have lost some much needed money, and the men that are being condemned without evidence of wrong doing. If the reporter had not attended there would have been no victims and the money might have saved some lives. The only winner is the self serving reporter.

Peter Paul says:

I want to be apart of a group like this… One day

All In says:

Sounds like trump type of party…

Truther Asitis says:


Sameer Rathore says:

All the women(including the reporter) went their willingly…they willingly chose to sign contracts.
And in this video…I didn't see any "groping", so…so far these are just allegations with very little basis

Zender Bender says:

So these women can't read but can write?

No matter how much you want to empower them, they are best at degrading themselves.

A H says:

Modern day slavery. Economic slavery has replaced legal slavery.

S B says:

Like they didn't know why they were there… Can't we stop with the bullshit? Women use their attractiveness when they want things but then blame others when they're ashamed by their own actions.

Your-Mummy-Has- Yummy-Anal-Warts says:

But….but….but Britain's First told me it's only Moslems who abuse women in England!!!! They lied??!!!!!!

Mohsen Khan says:

Ahhhhh following in the foot steps of Jesus…

Emperor Vulpecula says:

it also makes no sense to call it some mens only event but has some women there, it basically takes away the meaning of men only wne there r women at events like this

Emperor Vulpecula says:

sounds like some secret world cult filled wit powers n richies

Jojo Gunne says:

if the reporter was groped as claimed in newspaper headline then why is she not naming who it was?

Chris Newhall says:

If this was 100% a charity event for the purpose of raising money for children's hospitals, why were burlesque dancers with only patches covering their nipples allowed at the "men's only" event? I find that connection very distasteful really. Also, since some men commenting here state they know how "men get" around attractive women when alcohol is being served, why not have male hosts serve the men at the "men's only" gala? Problem solved.


Well done the 'permanently offended' for cutting off a big source of children's charity money. But, hang on, where is your outrage against progressive liberals encouraging children to be trans, bi or any other perverted form of sexual expression?

nikirk101 says:

the undercover reporter madison marriage was just looking for trouble and now charities will lose out she should be ashamed of herself and the women knew what they were getting into and i bet they all took their pay

Crush Communism says:

Aren’t Brits all gay cucks ?
Or they are bisexual 😂

Dangergamez says:

Typical women’s pretending to be victim. They love money and did not want to leave the party and now complaining.

mary ward says:

due process ?

Stephen Miller says:

If it was LGBT it would be just fine !

bammbamm12 says:

Disgraceful. A group of allegedly civilized men acting like a room full of rappers.

Brutus Tan says:

this smells of baiting anti male bullshit. The MSM and others are feminazi leftist in their modus operandi. Especially at their smearing of the fact the it’s male only and businesswomen can’t play the woman card and get in based on gender politics. This smells of a anti male hit piece, like the leftist luvie Guardianista, along the lines of the me too movement bashing and denigrating men and unconscionably boys. Disgusting. If it was true then I STILL have ZERO Sympathy BECAUSE Frankly blame your own feminist harpies sisters women for CRYING WOLF too many times and demonizing the ENTIRE Gender and masculinity cause your so pathetic and entitled . And nice try trying to play your stupid political games to force your way in to where you are not wanted just because of you massive vagimony entitlement. We are all gradually waking up.

Miguel Reyes says:

Ladies, stay away from men’s only events. Testosterone turns a lot of men into dumb animals. In the other hand, I once walked into a bachelorette party while delivering water; these women were animals. Glad I made it out ok.

bammbamm12 says:

Poor sacred virgins.

oliviawaddle says:

Why tf did these rich arsehole men think prostitutes where suitable for a charity fundraiser ? like having a stripper at a funeral nobody with sense and dignity be doing that.

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