5 Creative DIY Ideas Life Hacks For Men

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Five simple ideas life hacks for men. Creative homemade inventions DIY from improvised materials, as well as improvement of some tools.
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mark casha says:

Not impressed,very basic idea's.

sum1fine says:

What an utter waste of time. Dustpan does the job without ruining a perfect other tool. and surprise it even picks non-metals.
I would rather buy a hose system from Poundland much cheaper and less hideous addition to my garden.
What next? I worry about it.

Curt White says:

What was that long power cord lookin' thing attached to the power drill?!?

RaiderDK DarKnight says:

To be honest, none of them deserves a video, with a few words you can explain to anyone "use a magnet to pick up metal thing" "tie the X tool to the cord of Y".

By the way, when gluing the bubble level in drill, you must check the drillbit fits with it. I mean bubble can be in the middle but drillbit tilted anyway

mihai csiszer says:

Wednesday morning I will post a video with something interesting if you have time to look at my channel and you can help me with an opinion
thank you

mihai csiszer says:

Very nice ideea

Dabid Bad Wolf says:

what a waste

Ioan Cristian says:

the last one its amaizing😧….the heaters or whatever is that one, comes already with the legs…

nick longstaffe says:

Gender aside these are all terrible

SingleMom NoGrace says:

Tbh "4 men only" is genius bc made me wanna click on it instantly

Victor Robison says:

I am at a loss for words…….couldn't you do the same with any magnet and not have to disassemble a squeegee ?………..and the taping the chuck key to the end of the cord was something my grandfather did with chuck keys back when they were necessary………this may impress people who are too you to remember…..(or to think ), but they are not life hacks.

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