5 Men-Only Problems Women Will Never Experience

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Although it’s hard to believe, there are problems that women will NEVER know that men MIGHT. Hannah Cranston and Jason Carter break down 5 things that Ygritte would never claim she knows more about than Jon Snow. Let us know what issues you know women can never experience that man can.

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Joshua Allen says:

I have pissed with an erection before… Actually not that hard.

Furious Imperator says:

Trans people? The pregnancy thing and shit..
Just say "cis men/women"? It's not hard

MikeG82 says:

women are pursuing relationships?

Bradley Hart says:

Don't say give birth, ladues. While guys will never know the joys you talk lovingly about we do know about pushing kidney stones out our dicks. Every woman I have ever met who has had both kidney stones and naural birth would prefer to push out a ten pounder vs a 5 millimeter.

Daniel Spaeth, Jr. says:

That was pretty cute, her sniffle at the end, lol, Seems like you get a lot of colds, or allergies, or both?

Leopard-King says:

What about the immense pressure to eat snow cones. Just because I am a man that does not automatically make me a connoisseur of snow cones. It can be down right hurtful at times. You show up to a friends house for dinner and guess what's on the dessert menu. SNOW CONES, LOVELY!

Cherish Shouldiers says:

I'm always into it.

Blondes Bless America says:

Uhh I feel so bad for men who have to talk over women when they want to say something. Their throats must get so sore!

Jose Nunez says:

One problem that women won't experience is the disgust you get after you nut in her mouth and she tries to kiss you, knowing you can smell your babies in her breath.

AshXXMayftw says:

3 minutes to talk about men's issues. And I have no doubt Hannah will just throw many of them away without even discussing them. Just finished watching it. Fuck Hannah.

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