5 Things Women Can Do That Men Can’t!

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5 Things Women Can Do That Men Can’t!


Men and women come in different sizes, races, complexions and ability but they are able to complement each other in spite of their many contradictions. For women, their uniqueness lies in their rare ability to understand emotional expressions, juggle multiple tasks at will among other things. Today, we will dive into 5 Things Women Can Do That Men Can’t and set women apart from men and elevate them to goddesses in their own right. So lets begin!

1. Evolution Is Making Women Hotter

From Ancient Egyptian ruler Cleopatra to reality TV personality Kim Kardashian, women just seem to be growing more and more beautiful with time – and scientists predict an even greater surge in numbers of women based on evolution. Research reveals that attractive women are 16% more likely to have more children as compared to their less attractive counterparts. A 2006 study found that good-looking parents were more likely to have daughters, and it is argued that this is an evolutionary tactic – programmed into our DNA – that is meant to help each sex survive. Women inheriting physical attractiveness over generations means that on average, women will be more attractive than men.

2. Women Are Scientifically Better At Multitasking

In case you’ve been wondering about women’s natural capacity to handle multiple tasks at a go, science have got you covered. Scientists ran tests on the brains of 949 men and women to map the interconnections between different parts of the brain. The results showed that women have a much stronger connection between the left and right sides of their brains, while men have stronger connections between the front and the back of the brain. What does that say about women and multitasking? These different interconnections make women better at multitasking and men better at single, more complex tasks.

3. Women Have A Better Sense Of Smell

Scientists have been trying to solve the puzzle of women overshadowing their male counterparts in smell-related testing. Research conducted in Brazil examining brains from seven men and 11 women who are recently deceased revealed that on average, women have 43 percent more cells than men in their olfactory bulbs in their brain. Olfactory bulbs are responsible for control of the sense of smell. Researchers also point to the fact that the increased sense of smell in women is naturally linked to experiences and emotions making this smell superiority cognitive rather than perceptual. During pregnancy, women are said to experience an increased sense of smell owing to their pregnancy hormones.

4. Women Can Have Multiple “Os”

Most men are biologically incapable of continuous climaxing without an adequate rest period. According to scientific discovery, a chemical compound called oxytocin is released into the body which causes a five to thirty-minute recovery period in most young healthy males. Not so with women who can go on to experience consecutive climaxes without requiring a recovery period. Women’s body do not produce the oxytocin chemical and so their bodies can continue to perform at an optimum level and result in multiple “Os”.

5. Women Have A Better Understanding of Emotions

According to a 2009 study commissioned by the University of Montreal, Olivier Collignon found that amongst 23 men and 23 women asked to identify emotions of actors using sometimes contradictory stimuli (i.e. a voice that showed fear but a facial expression marking disgust), women were quicker in their responses and better able to distinguish the emotions more accurately. The study also determined that the female participants responded more quickly when the actor was female. Therefore, women possess a higher aptitude for understanding expressions and emotions than men. Collignon also adds that other factors besides biology play a major role in the study, “These studies should not rule out the fact that culture and socialization do play a powerful role in determining gender differences in the processing of emotional expressions.”

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Brian McNellis says:

I don't smile so women are scared of me, they tell me after they've gotten to know me. Black people think I'm a card-carrying racist etc etc they tell me after they've known me not to be.P.S.
WOMEN PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH AND SAY YOU SAID: BLAH BLAH BLAH WHICH IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE TRUTH. white people think I'm angry or depressed since they can't say I'm racist because I don't smile. when they say why don't you smile? I say I'm smiling now. hahaha

Frosted Wolf says:

I feel like this is sexist

Mr. Steal Your Grandma says:

hipitty hopitty women are property

Kenos Entity says:

Respec' to channel n dat but 2 n 1 r both utter, absolute bullshit lol

elchapetas says:

this video wins by being controversial, you're all morons. 8.5M views with that clickbait

Shadow Gaming says:

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RainbowEnvy's World says:

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sosa_terrell king says:

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regor nagul says:

got fooled by the thumbnail…

Mizunashi Akari says:

is this the new watchmojo?

Humboldt Parks Son says:

Fuck bitches.

Gövi Riccardo says:

It's very, very sad to read all of this disrespectful comments about females. This Video wasn't meant to make a competition between the both sexes, rather than showing the advantages of being a woman. As strong and independent men you all would not have the urge to bash on females to feel better. No sex is better than the other. Women and Men belong together or otherwise we would not exist as Humans. It's like Yin and Yang. Without Yin there wouldn't be a Yang and the other way round.

Dylan Szalay says:

I'm waiting for that one person who's gonna say "Gender isn't based on biology."

Perry hanley says:


zane's original tale says:

So there basically saying that women can continue having sex

Talisman Skulls says:

1: Women are no better than men in reading emotions other than understanding the mood of other women cause they can fucking relate. Its the same for men. But men and women unless they really fucking know one another well do Not understand one another very well and that is a fucking fact. Biochemistry is not a fucking social construct and that largely influences moods, not socially imposed what the fuck ever horseshit this mess of a vid claims.

2: Men are not able to get off more than once without sleeping first? Horse shit. If a dude is totally "into a gal" and wants to hit that shit 6 ways from sunday he can, does and will "reach climax more than once" unless he a hit a run sort of chump of two pumps and a dump. Otherwise Wtf dudes, did they get their "science" by watching the one and only "money shots" in shitty porn? .

3: I m not going to get gross about this but I will say this much. There are a whole LOT of things women do no smell that men do and men don't like what they be smelling more often than is admitted. A lot of times even women if they are honest (uh huh), can attest to this themselves. Why do you think women don't rust their senses and ask men (especially stupid ones) dos this smell bad try this and tell me if it spoiled, i can't tell. Its not just a fact they are avoiding the unpleasant consequences while its true some are and just bitches like that. SO how the fuck can you claim anything based solely on corpses? Those extra cells are geared more towards pheromones and only become more "active" when women are in a need to breed mood and that's been proven by testing LIVING PEOPLE!!. As far as the pregnancy factor I don't care who the fuck you are, you got something that big using your guts like a punching bag its not going to take much to make anyone puke. Don't even get me started on pregnant women farts. DAYUMN.

4:Women are no better or worse than men at multitasking. Its simply a factor of what they are use to doing or not and in which context. Take a stay at home dad and mom and guess what, they fare the same as a good example BECAUSE THEY HAVE TOO. What women do excel in is texting because men really don't like texting that much. but that's only a majority factor which is a cultural and social thing, not a capacity factor. This i can prove. Watch how a women gets pissed off ans she becomes a text ninja. With a man at the same level of pissed and that iPhone or whatever is not likely to survive the ordeal (HULK SMASH BLACKBERRY! for an example).

5: Evolution isn't making ":Women Hotter." Cosmetics are and learning over the last 50 years how to apply that shit to make men pop a fatty. There is also another factor =. Better air brushing. Peace the fuck out.

Thomas Paul says:

bullshit video no use for anyone

t100base says:

women can't do shit.

عبدالرحمن الغامدي says:


Infinity 436 says:

Emotions thing: men simply don't care about those type of things
Os: that doesn't make women better than men
Smell: not always, that's random as well as again, men don't care about smelling things.
Multitasking : again, it's not always women. It's anyone just random
Evolution: evolution is false. And attractiveness is dependent on if your a man or women. If you are a man you will find females more attractive, if you are female you will find males more attractive.

The 747 says:

well um, dammit. there is a music festival called Qlimax sf my fv /:

Jo mic says:

i thought one for sure was, "women can absolutely parallel park better than man".

Bangladeshi says:

apparently men dont have the ability to smell

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