BLACK MEN ONLY MARRY MARRY white women at 7%( 2014 FACTS ) so why do women lie on youtube

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BLACK MEN ONLY MARRY MARRY white women at 7%(2014 documented FACTS ) so why do women lie on youtube


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Walking Behind The Lord Ministries says:

Thank you when I shared these statistics, I had a black women disagree with me and she could accept it. Also marriage is the best way to avoid being in poverty and we as black people do not do it, but we will make plenty of babies out of wedlock. I have been married 21 years to my Bride and I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this woman.

Edward Anderson says:

With black women it has never been about the facts. It has always been about the very idea of a black man exercising control over her. Alot of bw need to be honest about the fact that they legite believe they are better then there men and that is a principal reason why there is friction in the 2 genders.

They use things like dating out as a way to itch the scratch of talking shit about there men and playng the victim card. They are not interested in the facts because facts are not emotional base. That is why karizon in particulary will lean so fucking hard n a dated study as she is not interested in teh current stay. Just her narrative that will garner a bigger and beteer socia media following.

Mary Jane says:

Wait until the 2020 census, ain't no "BLACK LOVE". YOUNG black men do not like black women.

Eric Toomer says:

Everybody needs to hear this and especially Blacks!

SilverDUBZ says:

As a so called Black man I think that is still too much.

LexRuger718 says:

Get points bro but can i ask the income level of the 7 % of blk men in the stats. Ill bet theyre middle to upper income

X Pozay says:

Black men gotta stop apologizing to everybody. Make all women compete for our attention and resources. Black women out here banging every group of men under the sun and when they get no wedding ring from the non blacks they use black men as their default solution. Black men
gotta start being more ruthless with everyone on every level. I am an unapologetic Heterosexual black male supremacist. I believe Heterosexual black men should be above everybody.

B.A. Baracus says:

Keep speaking truth bro keep speaking truth you speak the truth and keep speaking truth

Evelyn Johnsom says:

Thank for you knowledge black men do marry black women it just the new media always putting white woman on TV with the black men marriage between the black men and women built a black nation and foundation for the future generations

B.A. Baracus says:

Damn good video bro very very good video you are making a good good good point on this video I can give you a thumbs up for that the most high would be proud

Water Sniper says:

I only want black these swirlers need to stop the lies

Louie St. Marie says:

People can marry whoever they want

Diesel MAX says:

Black women don't even like that 7%.

Sun Son says:

There's nothing like a black woman

Warmack Waters says:

Everybody already know these things. They just looking for a reason to swirl and feel justified about it.

Xerxes 666 says:

I knew that.!! … I NEVER..see blackmen/ WW.. couples like on TV!???..AMEN…on Defending the REAL Black Community Bro. Research!!✨✨⭐? Not Lower class thugs !!✨✨⭐?✨✨✨???✨??✨?

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