It’s Only Sexist When Men Do It – 2

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It’s Only Sexist When Men Do It (part 1)

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Buzzfeed “Male Objectification” Articles

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All videos written and performed by TJ Kirk

Additional writing, research and advice by Scotty Kirk, Holly Kirk, Galen Hallcyon and too many others to list.

Music + Sound Effects:
Jingle Punks


Wolfyb17 says:

I actually remember a girl who had a stunning body, but was an absolute witch. She had a terrible personality and acted like I was nothing when I tried to talk to her… multiple times.

Kaden Swords says:

Praise the lord somebody understands how sexist woman are to men

TheRealBlvckNeon Gaming says:

are your nails teal???? dude come on…. at least color them black. it'll match your fancy hat.

mr slasher says:

just because you think shes beautiful,doesnt mean you dont see her as a person,it just means you think shes beautiful

lachano says:

it seem to me that a lot people, either women or man, only wants more power. They want all the good shit they see on the other side.
The sexism exist but most of the times sounds like a big excuse. It's like playing victim when you're acting exactly like the executioner

Alejandro Gangotena says:

Suckle, for ever

Briggsy19 says:

Dem fingernails doe

NOAH Huddleson says:

Objectifying anyone isn't even bad. As long as it's not an old lady. If you are into that.

Aidan Suma says:

she said it doesn't matter for men?
it doesn't matter either way

if it does then it goes for both

Norman says:

Welp, feminazis have taken things so far that they've actually flipped the "only sexist when men do it" again. Thanks to them it's now only sexist when women do it.
Thanks a lot feminazis.

Lutz Kruz says:

Stupid Hat

hammi5 says:

Me-" hey you look pretty today"
Feminists -" omg stop objectifying me"

Me-" wow you look so ugly"

Jello Spade says:

With the exception of a very small percentage of assholes, most men do not feel "entitled" to a woman's body, however most men WANT to have sex with women, and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as men understand and accept the fact that not every woman they want to have sex with is going to want to have sex with them.

tim watz says:

Why do you have painted fingernails?

LGBT Teen2015 says:

Well men created sexism

HowlsTHE says:

IF a girl askes me IF am femenism yes ofc
When i ask My self now not

Anders Husmo says:

But if a homosexual man objectifies another man… is it still bad? Likewise if a lesbian objectifies another woman?

And which one would be worse??

Help, I'm so confused :(

Original American says:

If women don't want to be objectified then why do they constantly show off there bodies to everyone?

KarlieSucksAtVideos says:

Men=women. In my option he didn't look at the fine details of sexism. Back in history white rich men got to vote, then when the slaves were free the black men got to vote. Women had to fight to vote, women had to stay in the house. Girls had to work in factories. I like the points he makes in the two videos but can we make the world equal. If you agree with this please use the hashtag #everyoneisequalforever

Chris Aaron says:

well to do Roman women used to pay to fuck gladiators…
if we didn't objectify people there wouldn't be any people!

oh and the correct answer is Scarlett Johansons tits > Kim Kardashians ass

Skingrine Jasper says:

time for part 3

G. Gazer says:

Imposter Women.

omry heller says:

5:20 green nail polish? LOOOOL

Sledge says:

There was a great line in the movie Mean Girls about those sexy Halloween outfits in which the main character is the only person who actually dresses scary & says "I found out that Halloween is an occasion where you can dress like a total slut & no-one can say anything".

Mein Teil says:

AA is awesome. another great video. I love th Whooh at 4:51

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