Jordan Peterson: Men only want one thing & other vices

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Jordan Peterson talks in this video about men, single-mindedness, vices, repression and other interesting ideas.

Note: this video isn’t about psychopaths. The Meme on the thumbnail relates to the gist of the video.

This video comes from “Jordan Peterson – ‘Self-Deception in Psychopathology'”


johnnyreality says:

The dumb man's smart man.

Jean Laubenthal says:

Lying is a criminal act. We want to address this. PAX Programs by Allison Armstrong offers a brilliant conversation on "Coughing Up The Truth".Most anything that comes out of our mouth effects people and they may react to varying degrees. We want to be responsible for that and still tell the truth.

Vicki Boyer says:

hey – where's the pictures?:-(

lovely guy says:

Ok so Jordan Peterson has gone from looking like Jeremy Irons to Tim Heidecker with a beard
And that's my insight on the video.

The Nile Ue Ue Fly says:

According to the internet about 90% of the Earth's population are psychopaths. XD

mitos meios says:

meaningless word sallad

wakeupscreaming says:

Anytime someone mentions Freud, I know they are off their rocker.
The guy was a kook. I can only imagine he's constantly brought up and given so much credit because he was jewish. That's it.

wheelzwheela says:


Henrique Henriques Moreno Moura says:

I want to watch the rest of this lecture. Where is it?

ParadigmRabbit says:

I wonder if there is anyone from the internet water army or 50 cent army or other communist equivalents in the comments on jp videos yet. I am starting to see a little of that flavour on several comments here and there.

Patrick Brown Alleged Sexual Pervert says:

Hey there. If you need a professor to tell you how to get laid you might be a beta-cuck loser.

Davemac1116 says:

In Plato’s Republic, Socrates seeks wisdom from an elderly gentleman on reaching the ‘threshold of old age,’ particularly regarding sex. He says that the cooling off of sexual desire is like “a slave who has got away from a rabid and savage master.’ I think there’s merit in that viewpoint !

nedar giordano says:

He shares knowledge without using religion. Great job.

Maih Nheim says:

Psychopaths attend to their personal needs one way or another. You have a higher chance of raising children… out in the wilderness and ghettos of course. In the increasingly technical world this balancing act will be harder to pull, even for a psychopath

Connor Lehman says:

I really like watching JBP's videos and talks, but what the hell is up with all the clickbait channels like this one that title videos in a way that has little to do with the topic?

geroestetumor says:

Stop with this christian stuff already.

Look into germanic mythology, hellenic mythology, celtic mythology.

Or is that perhaps deemed too politically incorrect?

Joey Wind says:

I encourage everyone to read Dante's Inferno.

revo1974 says:

Does anyone know who the woman is on the video tittle frame?

trppytoes says:

This mother fucker needs to stop talking for everyone. He ain't shit to be honest! He won't say how he really feels because of the beta bull shit facade he has put up since he got the spotlight.

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