Marriage Is For Broke Men Only!

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Omar Raymundo says:

Truth spoken in a funny way !!! ??

David Hynes says:

Some money will be a fine thing. I like the touch of the English accent now and then. I was talking to a girl who had five kids. I asked her what their names were, She said that's Austin, he's Austin, then there Austin, Austin and the last one's Austin I said when you call one how do you know you';; get the right one. She said that's easy I call them by their surnames.—Women are highly programmed by Nature to want kids, and these days they are not prepared to wait to see if they get a husband first. They look after the kids(none finer) and they want some aceinthehole to provide the finance.

Gildarts Clive says:

I don't care much about money I just really want a family

Fovar Berma says:

If you're broke, get married, then have kids, then get divorced, then get to pay alimony, then get not being able to afford it, then get sent in prison, then get raped….. Yeahhhhhhh…

asb-comm-logicx . net says:

Avoid broke women. Stay out of night clubs (only broke women in there).

blackice says:

How many people on here make 100K to 400K a year? my guess is about as many black NHL players: DAMN NEAR NONE. Marriage sucks and is made for women. That is how America is. American males have lost just about every right these past 20 years. It's a joke.

Mr Nick says:

He shoots. He scores 10/10

DrPhibesxx7 says:

The man is telling truth…

Talya Coleman says:

Going into a marriage with the wrong intentions is what gets people fucked up, not marriage itself. Marrying someone should be about your unconditional love for that person. Unfortunately, people today have lost sight of the meaning of that which is scaring people away from marriage just to end up divorced. Just my insight.

Michael Hope says:

Vasectomy is cheap and reversible, alimony is expensive and forever, I had the former and now travel the world, friends did the latter and look like they are carrying the f….r,broke in so many ways, you choose.

Michael Hope says:

I'm 62 now and never married,why ANYONE 'man' would want to marry makes no sense to me,its like lobster is your favourite meal of all time, but do really want that meal EVERYDAY for the rest of your life?, and women cheat like you wouldn't believe, way more than men,lol get married and find out yourself.

grammar cat says:

pre nuptials or no marriage. always use a condom

Alleycat1921 says:

My kid brother and I are middle aged black men who never married. I considered marriage in passing as a younger man, but chose to obtain advanced degrees (a Masters in Business Administration and a law degree), as well as pursue various business opportunities and investments over the years with my brother. My brother is hard core when it comes to dealing with women and the scam marriage has become in this society. In fact, he sent me the link to this video. We are not millionaires. However, we haved operated businesses together, own numerous income properties (residential and commercial), multiple vehicles, and reside in exclusive communities. As an attorney who has handled divorce, custody, and child support cases, I have seen up close the destruction failed marriages can wrought on all parties, but particularly men and children. It never ceases to amaze me how the animosity and bitterness continue for many years after a divorce as a result of wrangling over such issues as alimony and child support payments. That said, I have an adult daughter who also became a lawyer by emerging relatively unscathed from a relationship that went very bad between her mother and I many years ago. Looking back, if I had married her mother a bad situation would have only become more problematic.
Has the institution of marriage become completely irrelevant in this society? I would not go that far out on a limb. Nevertheless, the arguments against marriage from a personal, emotional, and most importantly financial perspective are compelling. In closing, I would advise any persons contemplating tying the knot to perform their due diligence with the understanding that with divorce rates at fifty five percent or more in certain categories, one has a better chance of winning a coin flip than having a successful marriage in today's America.

steven warren says:

Tommy, you are gifted, not just with common sense, but the ability to explain it. Too bad most young guys won't listen. I probably wouldn't have.
After many years of marriage, I can tell you that at the end of my life I will consider my marriage a success if I have not killed her. Its a pretty low bar, but that's how to avoid disappointment.

F Dannn says:

Western women specifically are simply are too dangerous for young males to interact with as of 2016. Women have created a fake victim culture where young girls are raised to learn how to be professional victims when it comes to boys and men. We see this with the absurd "rape culture" claims on university campuses, firstly how can that even be possible when males are now heavily outnumbered at university and college campuses? (the result of female biased education favouring girls from elementary school)

The reality is that its nothing more than professional victim girls falsely claiming rape and sexual assault when guys approach and make innocent remarks and compliments like nice pants, nice eyes, etc. My advice, if you're a young male in todays western culture of misandry and man hating…stay away from girls and women, go your own way, strive for success, keep your money, have great friends, travel the world, live independently. Or get married and get fucked over in the female favoured court system after 5-10 years, your choice.

Chartoise says:

The default marriage certificate has a an "equal rights" clause… That means you both get half of the shit of each other…
But if you just say "i want that out"… They will cross it out and then you can keep your money at a divorce.

animal79thecat says:

Loving the nigga porn music in the background lol

s7w2a says:

98 percent of the times woman initiate divorce for selfish reason, she won a lottery, she found another man who make more money or a change of heart.

s7w2a says:

a man on welfare or on low income is far better then a married man who make a lot of money, it is nothing more then slavery.

Otis Mccoy says:

Why would you Date broke woman any way, and the value is women deprecates with time. You get better use a UT of a car. I mean this is all to funny

The Last Word says:

courts give weman the children for two reasons the first reason is every time they put a man on child support the state gets a check from the federal government. second they know that if they give it to the woman a man that want his kids will keep coming to court to get a chance to see them longer. A friend of mine told is lawer that if he dint see any results and he loses everything he was going to eat a bullet and no one was getting shit he got the kids

Aye Malachi says:

Tommy this is the dumbest thing u ever said: " Jay-Z and Beyonce, Will and jada Pinkett-Smith, Barack and Michelle Obama your wrong nuff said

Andrei Rusu says:

marriage is pretty much LEGAL PROSTITUTION

Anthony Ferrara says:

Marriage is great, if you marry your best friend. My wife & I both came into the marriage with up & coming careers & our own money. The trick is, we waited til we were 30. Had a kid & we live well, because we live within our means. I'm white & my wife is White/Hispanic. It's been a great 17 years. We have more fun now than when we were 25.
But the entitlement shit has to stop & don't get married unless you bring something besides your p**sy. Simps should not marry, because the Cyberdines suck on the gov't teat. They've got no problem ripping off the government, so they will rip you to shreds & let you twist in the wind.

Health Insurance says:

This is mindless ignorant babble mainly based on stereotypes.

sk You Already Know says:

the grown men gotta wake up .. I see to many dudes falling in the trap ..

Malik Abdullah says:

real shit…..

XYChromatic says:

If you get one and a half blow jobs a week, your life could be summed up with the following:

Got a shitty attitude?
Well, I got one too
Chicks half suck my dick
Got one blue

Great videos, Mr. Sotomayor.

TheRapper10000 says:

Most women especially the feminists have destroyed the value of marriage by breaking hearts and stealing money from us males through lawsuits. Also they hold our kids hostage until their demands are met. What type of messed up logic is that?

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