Men Only – Mommy Issues

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This is for men who have mommy issues. We rarely hear about mothers and their sons having relationship issues. It is more common to hear about mothers fighting with their daughters. This video is for the men out there who do not have the healthiest relationship with their mom. It is for the men, like me, who have problems with their mother and want a solution or at least to have someone who can hear them out. It is not right that our society only talks about mama’s boys, and leaves out the rest. Mothers having issues with their sons is a very real thing and it is time for someone to say something about it.

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Please watch: “How to deal with conflict with parents in adulthood”


M E says:

Is there an email you have? I would love to chat with you more about this topic.

Niama Cathey says:

My boyfriend doesn't have a relationship with his father and him n his mother isn't close and I be wanting to help but I just be understanding and wait until he's ready because ppl say he won't treat me right but he treats me great so do I just be supportive ?

peace& l0ve says:

I'm a lesbian with Mommy issues

Latonya Johnson says:

Have you gotten suggestions from women who dealt with these men. Personally, I have dealt with a man who wants to control me. My mother wasn't weak. I stopped loving him because I could see he wanted to change me to change his past with his mother. If you really want to send a message, talk to women who have and are dealing with this topic. Tell them to calm down and be honest. Facts before FICTION.

ThisDonnie says:

do you got a email? And whats your number? Mines 5132667848 I need your advice and input seriously

Woolson says:

I have the same issue as well, my mom doesnt even speak english to top it all off

Grace Horton says:

Do you have any suggestions for helping a partner with these issues?

Wauney says:

nope can't forgive

S UT says:

my husband has big time mommy issues. now he thinks he can jump from mommies titty to mine. SUPER CREEPY

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