Men-Only Problems “Think Tank” Refuses to Think About

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Think Tank once again fails to think while attempting to throw men a bone. Who’d have thought? For the record, I know I’ve used many of these references before. I simply wasn’t in the mood for additional research. But if anyone has other examples of any of the points I made here, I’m always happy to hear them for future reference. Thanks for watching.




ORIGINAL VIDEO: “5 Men-Only Problems Women Will Never Experience” —

“‘Father’ ordered to pay £100k for children he never knew he had after ex-wife tricked IVF clinic into using his frozen sperm” —

“Brazilian Model Grabs 100 Penises In Order To Make A Point About Sexual Harrasment” —

Brazilian Model Grabs 100 Penises In Order To Make A Point About Sexual Harrasment


“Man receives sex act while blacked out, gets accused of sexual assault” —

“Teacher Confesses She’s Glad She Got Caught Sleeping With A Student” —


Pleasant Nightmares (My horror anthology):


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Luke Almighty says:

Good to see your butt,… I mean…you're back.

magoichi75 says:

Good to see you back helping hand! Hope you managed to get your stuff you were working on in your life in order.

Brian Goubeaux says:

I got an idea. Perhaps, Helping Hand can make a second channel to differentiate between his rants and his passion for horror stories. Just a thought.

mad4song01 says:

Yay! You're back!

86thislove says:

Hannah destroyed Think Tank and she's not a feminist since she doesn't believe in equality, proof in their videos. Her boss must be a pussy or a feminist as bad as her.

Gerg C says:

These videos are almost more than I can handle.

Gerg C says:

The gay guy references his mom and his sister. What a suprise.

Gerg C says:

Masturbation never looked so good.

The Art of MGTOW says:

I know you are not a MGTOW channel but you sure are laying out a strong case for men going their own way here.

The Art of MGTOW says:

Cuck puppet. I like it.

SuperTelecom says:

Great video as usual, mate. Hope your break is doing you some good.

Xenovista says:

I remember back in mythic times when school warned us that Think Tanks were a BAD THING.

bryan Elexander says:

You know I think women do think their pussy will cures everything. That pussy will make a man do and be what she wants.

bryan Elexander says:

13:03 Toxic Masculinity?? Even if it's the women saying there is something wrong it he doesn't want to fuck her?

bryan Elexander says:

Puppet didn't have a father or positive male figure around him.

bryan Elexander says:

Black men especially, have that problem and poor ol puppet can't even elaborate on his experiences with that.

Carolina Boy says:

The myth the man the legend

David coombs says:

Welcome back!!!!! Hope you’re feeling better man!

deefsound says:

It's ignorant, bigoted shit for sure, but to summarise a comment I just left on the original, we might learn something:

At the time of this comment, 1.3 million subs have only resulted in 9.9k views (I rounded up) in 10 days on that piece of shit.

So even if all views for their work of genius came from so called 'fans', less than 1% took the time to clicked on that waste of 1s & 0s."

Quirky View says:

I agree with Bill Burr on the "Sleep on the couch" thing, unless your girlfriend's an MMA fighter then you can sleep in your own bed all you want. If she doesn't want you to be in bed with her, she can sleep on the couch.

blackkey1976 says:

So the token black guy has a loud, obnoxious mother and sister that preach about "respect" all the time. How surprising.

Jems 15 says:

15:32 Don't hold your breath Hand. The best you can do is what you've done so far. Keep proving how stupid these people are so that people who are worth a damn don't get succered in to their cancerous ideology, or even better sway those who might be convinced to leave that crap behind. I hope you're doing alright.

Einarr Jamesson says:

Did… did he just say he eats kettle corn? Hands down the worst sin in this video.

The Dr No says:

Good to hear from you, glad to see one of your awesome videos

Mastermind says:

How about 5 real problems faced by men:
Expectation to repress emotions preventing men from seeking help for mental health issues;
Automatically presumed to be the villain in any domestic incident, and even if they are the victim, it's assumed they somehow brought it upon themselves and/or they are ridiculed for letting a woman abuse them;
Far less likely to earn custody of their children regardless of which parent is more capable or caring;
Being blamed for all of the world's problems;
And having to pee with an erection.

Fabrizio Lorenzo says:

In all seriousness, Hand, I hope you’re doing alright. I noticed you don’t sound so good in this video

Oakeye says:

Great to see you back in action. Hope all is well.

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