MEN ONLY! TAROT JUNE 2018: 👊🏽This is for men only and the women cross watcher/stalkers. xoxo

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Hi. I’ve had a few dudes ask about MEN ONLY and so here you go. This is for each element for the June advice for MEN ONLY. Please time stamp if you’re a proper gentleman. 😘
Enjoy, gentlemen. JUNE ADVICE TAROT. One card energy advice for each element.

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biggirlsweety2 says:

(FIRE) 3:39
(EARTH) 6:55
(AIR) 11:28
(WATER) 17:28

NotLost says:

All women in the comments haha 😂 As a man it was accurate though 👍

DAMNLOL0424 says:

Can you do singles only love readings

Michelle Gano says:

Not stalking but I think its awesome we include men in this because a lot of men are tarot readers that read for us to I would like to see the men readers do more readings for men. You may have started a new thing good for you.

Jovi Jovi says:

You Rock thank yoy

Jovi Jovi says:

Yep Pisces male did the ding dong shit ….. just should have been truthful not shady and out of anger. I wonder what other women he is doing this to now 😐😐😐

AJ K says:

Not stalking 👀 …
just curious. I have only just started watching, but I have noticed that the readings do seem to be geared mostly toward females.
⭐Drunk Tarot⭐
FYI…The words for slinking off in a dirty, or cowardly way are; "ghosting", or "going ghost", or "pulling a Houdini", or simply "being a coward".
I am familiar with this millenial terminology now bcs my 55 yr old ♏ so-called "man" did it to me. He left "us", without a word. Nothing was said or done to even hint that he was going. Just POOF! One minute he was home with the flu & we were talking via text, making plans to see each other soon, when he felt better, the next..he was gone. No exaggeration!
Not to be heard from again, since Feb. Oh, and I've been blocked from any & all means of communication. He even changed his phone # at some point. This is all very out of character for him. We are soulmates. We were happy, headed for our 10 of cups. I am baffled by the whole thing! We live 2 hrs from each other in opposite directions, so open, honest communication was key. 90% of our relationship was by phone.
⭐no offense meant by so-called "man" to any men reading this.⭐💖

Sara Jane says:

Stalker here! 😂 no shame this MF won't talk.. I'll go to tarot haha

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