Should Men’s Sheds be Male Only?

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Some Men’s sheds have opened their doors to Women. Should Men’s sheds be male only?



Independent Man says:

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John Walsh says:

Sounds like a good idea. If women want to do such things together, let them set up a women's shed.

TheAngryPolack 97 says:


Ethan Inglis says:

I reckon the best solution for the issue would be to implement a community day on a Sunday (etc), which allows women and kids to come and learn woodworking and interact with the obviously senior generation. This way it doesn't detract from the major issue surrounding men's health and providing a place that accommodates the discussion.

FeralSpirit says:

Men should have a space of their own. Damn feminists feel the need to take a piece out of absolutely anything and everything anyone else has. Pathetic. Just leave people alone.

Roderick antifemnasty says:

Men's Sheds for men. Because women already control everything else. Ridiculous.

TheCynysterMind says:

Jesus Christ! It is not that hard ladies. We ned some space to relax without worry of offending your delicate sensibilities. Normally we don't care about your sensibilities but since you managed to criminalize offending your sensibilities. well fuck right off.

SirViving says:

Men’s Sheds should be men only members…maybe some women can be “visiting members” but should be kicked out if they start demanding the place change to become more feminine, etc…as long as voting/ control is still in the men’s hands…if not, men won’t have any men’s spaces left anymore !

Karl Beating says:

In Havant Hampshire with have a men's shed that allows women , yet there's a wemshed which men can't be part off

Xander Yyyysup says:

After working a lifetime to pay for houses, food, engagement rings, etc. All to please women these poor bastards have to put up with this nonsense. Leave the blokes alone.

OU812 i4got says:

My step father attends a Prostrate group for men who had prostrate cancer. He mentioned that some of the wives demanded that they attend the meetings also. Women don't have prostrates and their presence is questioned? Several of the men feel uncomfortable about openly discussing their experiences in front of the group with women present. That's like men demanding they be present at breast cancer groups which are of course "no men allowed."….In short; women can't stand men having their own groups and will shame the clubs into letting women join.

WalkOn Bye says:

Tell the females to f'off. You will have the single mothers dumping their fatherless boys on your lap expecting you to be daddy day care.
The women will start shooting orders to the men and creating noise pollution with their incessant talking. It won't be long before the sheds are fucked because the hashtagmeetoo card will be played.
They should hang boxing bags out back where a Man can go sling a couple in peace when his nag gets a bit much.
Draw a line in the goddamned sand and just say no to female membership. Just say NO.

dlwatib says:

If they're going to open it up to a vote, the wives should have a vote too. After all, they're affected by the decision too. I don't think most of them would be too happy about it.

TheJazsa80 says:

The behaviour of a group of men will always change when a female is introduced. Males cannot relax completely in a group that is not all male. Essentially male brains will switch to 'on duty' mode in the presence of a female. We are wired to serve and protect them to ensure the survival of the human race. It's our male privilege.

Michael Gittins says:

I had no idea there are community sheds out there.Generally speaking,I think men's sheds should be for men only but if the majority of men who use the shed want to allow women in,then so be it.A good compromise might be to allow women entrance on certain days or at certain times of the day with a little tuition thrown in.However……i wonder how the women would feel about allowing men into a women only enterprise.I don't think they would be as accommodating as the men.Men need spaces for themselves at times and the shed idea is a great idea…

Dennis Eijs says:

Why would this be an issue? In the 70's, when I still was a kid, I remember a bar in my street, just fir women, a feministbar, who wouldn't allow men in. So they started it.😂

Luke Frahn says:

Where else could we conspire to further the patriarchy?

SireSquish says:

There's every single OTHER place that women can go to, why not have one place where blokes can go to have their own space? Women have plenty of women only spaces, but blokes can't have the same.

tumarfa says:

Allowing women in will eventually bring control of members' behaviour, such as the creation of stupid SJW-like codes of conduct to eliminate "sexual harassment" and all sorts of "discrimination". Isn't it bad enough to have SJWs in government, education, media, and business? Must they also come into male "safe spaces"? 🙂

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