Single Mothers Are For Grown Men Only _ My Thoughts

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Single Mothers Are For Grown Men Only _ My Thoughts


jayell jay says:

This dude Derrick Simp-son is a trip. The king of all simps. Even women know that this cat is a sucker.

T mac says:

Great video bro

Mental "OG" says:

BAW's are eating this up hook line and sinker. Call me boy because a single mother is like a parasite with list of demands. #NOMAAM

Ceasar C says:

You dropped another gem Ringo. ✊🏾

Roudy Benoit says:

Women cannot embrace reality and take accountabilty.

Vote with your feet,wallet and passeport.
Deal with foreign women but remember dont bring her back to westernized Matrix.

prince jones says:

Keep blazing our ears with knowledge brother!

Tevin Fields says:

Keep speaking the truth brother

africanmale90 says:

The Siiimpsooons

Mrmixize says:

Are you on Facebook Ringo?

The Survivalist says:

He's a SIMP!
SIMP = Simpleton!

90% of single mothers are Pump and Dumps!

Man Of Tomorrow says:

Selling single mother escapism…Any woman who buy into this is mentally ill just as a man who deal with them…

The Senator Of Truth says:

Derrick Simp is A Panderer to Dysfunctional Black Woman. I see right through right through him.

Expendable says:

Niggas like this are STUPID, unless you know for certain that you are a man who wants NO CHILDREN, then it is NOT OKAY to get with a chick who already has a "Ready-Made Family" because there are too many variables & contingencies that come along with that! I learned this lesson from my MOM, not my father, yes my MOTHER was the one who taught me not to get with a single mother or bring no woman home to her who has kids. My mother learned this lesson THE HARD WAY with my dad, having to deal with his multiple kids, baby mamas & other women when I was a young kid. When I was younger, I didn't understand, but once I became a grown man and got out here & started getting pussy from a bunch of females with kids, I seen exactly what she was talking about. Most of the time she wont discipline her kids and don't want you to instill any discipline either, the kids be bad as hell and don't listen to nobody or respect authority, the baby daddy always coming around when you not around trying to get back with the chick while smiling in your face like everything cool because SHE STILL FUCKING THE BABY DADDY most of the time. It's definite IMPENDING DRAMA with a single mother, especially if she has more than 3 kids and more than 2 baby fathers! So im sorry, but females got their standards & requirements for men and I got MINE for females, and one of the major things with me is she has to be on my level, meaning at least a high school graduate, have a car and or job, know how to cook and be KID FREE! #NoFilters

Ahk Sihon says:

Damn good video! We definitely continue to strive for a SIMP free zone so these women can get in order! Deliverance!

Lord D says:

The single mother's main priority should be to concentrate on her children and teach them good values and to not make the same life mistakes she made.
But, as these mothers are getting younger, they don't even teach their children simple manners.

Anthony Morris says:

Derrick "Simp" Jackson

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