3 Steps: HOW TO BE INTERESTING ► How to Find a Hobby

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What’s up guys this is KreativeVein and today we’ll be going over how to be interesting as well as how to find a hobby in 3 steps. There are 3 hobbies that will help you tremendously not only in your physical life, your social life, and your own state of mind, but will overall just make your life much more enjoyable than doing the same tasks over and over every single day. This will show you how to find a new hobby (or hobbies), will help you in how to be interesting over text, and will help you learn how to be interesting to women (they want someone who does stuff, for the most part).

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Besides that, this will also teach you how to be interesting on youtube, especially if you want to learn how to tell stories, help people out, etc. and how to be interesting to men, not in a sexual way unless you want that but I mean more so for friendships because you have so much more to talk about. In that way you will also learn how to be interesting on snapchat and how to be interesting to talk to. The school of life made a video on this topic of how to be interesting school of life too and you can check that out by searching how to be interesting on YouTube.

This video will show you how to be interesting person through finding a mental hobby, how to be interesting man (how to be an interesting man) through physical hobbies, how to be an interesting person with creative pursuits, and will teach you and make you learn how to be an interesting conversationalist.

If you’re a girl, these new hobbies such as basketball, writing, and psychology will teach you how to be an interesting woman and how to be an interesting girl.

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Do you have a boring life? Most likely, you do, and even if you have an interesting life, enjoying it more is always a plus. Almost all men and women do nothing at all, watching TV, jacking off to porn, or scrolling through social media pages doing nothing that will give you true fulfillment. If you have a boring life, how do you change that?

Now i know how because I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum, too lazy due to being sedated, as well as working all day and having nothing to talk about with friends. Currently I do have many hobbies and interests and in the next 3 steps, I’ll help you out.

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The first step is to get a creative hobby. Most people are consumers rather than producers. Producers are the YouTubers, entrepreneurs, and artists. So start making videos for fun, create music, start drawing. Even if you think you’re complete trash, you will get better over time. Personally, for rap I write for fun and freestyle as well as study how rappers flow by rapping alongside someone like J Cole. I really enjoy my time spent doing this and when I freestyle I’m normally the best at roasting within my friends. Create and put it out online anonymously if you don’t want to be seen. you can look back on memories from it and it may even go viral and help you launch a brand online. You can also meet people or at least have fun writing poetry, sketching, etc. Produce the thoughts in your mind.

Step two is to find a physical hobby. most men lift, and if you don’t, do that 1st. However, after getting big or if you’re fat, losing weight, play a sport like basketball, soccer, or do physical combat sports like MMA, jiu-jitsu, and boxing. And it’s not just sports, you can hike, run, etc. But this is not cheering for a sports team and trying to live through a basketball player like some guys do. Its fine to follow sports, but when you’re just a supporter rather than an actual player, there’s something wrong. Try doing this at least once a week, play a pickup game, spar with someone, or even row a boat. Whatever floats your boat.

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PinkDonut Unicorn says:

I have a physical hobby (indoor climbing) which I do every week, except when I have to learn for an exam.
I have a creative hobby (I started writing stories when I was 8 years old)
I have a mental hobby (I improve my Englisch (I'm german), learn French and Spanish.
But I feel boring anyway because I feel like I can't have fun. I'm a perfectionist, always think about what kinds of horrible, deadly diseases I might have and what kinds of things I would write on my bucket list if my doctor would tell me that I am going to die in a few weeks. In addidion I have social anxiety (It's not severe, but I always start analysing people before I do or say something.)

DiceDecides says:

haha I remember u from omegle dude I just randomly found this video in the suggested section

KreativeVein says:

What hobbies do you have?

Janne Kuronen says:

Why would you put the "Smash that subscribe button" advertisement to the beginning of the video before you have even got to the point. Usually they should be at the end of the video with comment like "If you liked the video, you can subscribe to my channel yadayada..". At the beginning it is just annoying and wasting peoples' time when in reality you should get the message of the video delivered as soon as possible. Just a general improvement idea for your videos to actually getting more subscribers.

brianplayzz says:

i used to play video games for HOURS without getting bored but lately I've been so bored and i think im getting sick of video games and need something new to do.

namita harkal says:

Very informative video .Could you explain in mental about 'Psychology studying hobby' you mentioned in Mental part any source for recommendation to further?

Frostymane says:

I can relate a lot, especially with the rapping part. I'm on NoFap, and the longer I been on it the better freestyler I became. I also gotten into making beats for friends as a hobby. Great vid, and keep up quality bro, as a kid who's going into sophomore year in HS, you're an inspiration.

Sharon Francis says:

Thank you! My life isn't going the way I want and in need CHANGE!

Chris Kruger says:

KV, I love your videos. You're gonna blow up. Best, CK.

surya vardhan says:

thank u bro….u made my life much more interesting btw i have a few hobbies like debating,playing keyboard,swimming,cycling……will these work??

Anubis says:

Smash that like button like you're smashing that ass xD. I died there ;D

Ernest Kwame Adu says:

"Smashing that ass" – I am dead

Juubes says:

I learned to code and built an app! If you are in school and wanna check it out search for Homeworkz (andoird) 😉

evan abel says:

check out my meme page on insta @supreme_savage_memes

that would be dope

volimNestea says:

This is all good except for the fact that 15 minutes is not anywhere near enough time for someone who wishes to dedicate himself to his hobby.

Silviu Anita says:

he he alpha m

Geok K says:

i go 4-5 times the week to the gym, at weekends i plan trips with my friends, am i boring? (i also watch series and spend a lot of time alone)

HowToTop10 says:

Nice vid man.
Hobbies are very important. When you do something you like, you are passionate about it and can have great conversations.
But even if it doesn't affect your social life, just by doing it you have so much fun and feel happy about yourself.
You said 15' a day, but even 15' a week can make a difference. Just find something that seems fun and worth trying, and START!

Ways To Grow says:

Thank you for the opportunity of collaborating with you KreativeVein! I had a great time creating the animation and I hope your audience enjoy this video 🙂

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