7 Free Hobbies For People Who Are Sadly Hobbyless

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Here’s seven hobbies anyone can do for free. John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston discuss how you can have fun if you’re cheap. Should we add anything to this list? Give us your free hobby ideas in the comment section below.

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Maria Sharman says:

Where do you have to pay for a public library card?? That's bs.

Nagi 95 says:

those were all crappy hobby's expect fitness. if you read this before watching this video you can save yourself 10min to do something worth it

Jose Sanchez says:

Reading, writing? What is this hooked on phonics?

tr3nta says:

Reading as a hobby is sadder then not having one

Mary Sullins says:

Hannah is so adorable!

Mary Sullins says:

i'm cheap as well..

Andrew “Ad Victoriam” Goad says:

We all know why we are watching.

Jess Lloyd says:

I don't know why but she is annoying

Xwolf bane18 says:

when I saw a hobby that is free I had to click on it

Mr. Dysfunctional says:

I need some hobbies. Everything sounds boring. All I do is play video games, which is sad. I want something to do. I have been depressed lately, from personal stuff, and I lost pretty much all interest in the hobbies I used to have

Brayan Dayvidson Côrtes says:

vcs tem um escrito do brasilkk

Faith Alexander says:


Simon Moore says:

Build your own RPG Monte Cook "Cypher System"

Mika AMH says:

I want John's shirt!

Alexis Whitby says:

My god somebody Google calisthenics. They make it seem like bodyweight exercises are super easy and unstructured. They should've done research before making this video

SmartieSmasher says:

html doesn't need a compiler

Pietu Parkkonen says:


DiemSylvan says:

That would be great but here in the UK most of the public libraries are losing their funding and being closed. On the other hand, in France, there are machines from a publishing company that print out short stories for people to read while they are waiting around, instead of playing on their phones.

Chickenp00nage2 says:

Waiting for John or Hannah to respond to your youtube responses, another free hobby that doesn't pay off.

Vianey Boruel says:

you can tell right away when Hannah is just making shit up. good on John for not outing her.

Gordon Torney says:

You could've mentioned drawing as a free hobby.

Appl3 - Thee Appl3 says:

Hannah is really weird

Richard Cheshire says:

Pfft.. These millennials. Wanting everything for free =P

babybeluga says:

"Borrow" your pencils from Ikea.

Lewis Keats says:

The North Remembers…

ThatOneRandomGirl says:

I used to do a bunch of programming… but then school… and homework…

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