7 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

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THINGS GUYS WISH GIRLS KNEW! Hit the Like button if you cant wait for summer! 🙂
Check out last weeks video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcXAekP7xj0

In this weeks video i’m talking about some different things guys wish girls knew! Im sure there are over 100 different things so I only made a short list but I hope you enjoy the video!! If you want me to do some spring break videos also give this vid a thumbs up 🙂

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Kurdish Shatoo says:

Who else use these signals. And guys doesn't even know what point are you talking about 😄😄

Pam Vande Brink says:

What if you feel like you're insecure when you're out on a date with them

Olivia Reid says:

why???? Ponytail

Georgia brunicke says:

I think whoever asks the other out should pay…

Maria Chan 212 says:

The one about the signals… I totally agree on that. And I'm a girl.

Creative Minion says:

I have acne 🙁 I’m extremely insecure about it, even though it is a lot better than it was last year I have to admit. Still I hate having acne and seeing all these girls being able to walk around without having to wear a headband to cover there acne, for them to be able to say there pretty without worrying about someone saying well your ugly because you have acne or you have a lot of pimples or even your really ugly and then you ask why and they say because you have acne 🙁

Isabella and Aubrey _ says:

I Think a few things girls wish guys knew are: (I’m a girl btw lol)
1: sometimes when guys constantly use teasing as their flirt method it can be a turn off
2: when guys think that we constantly expect something of them it’s not true we love to be ourselves
3: we send mixed signals mostly when we don’t know how to say something or aren’t good at expressing ourselves
4: we aren’t all super confident so speaking our feelings is harder
5: we very much over read everything and we mostly wish guys knew this 😂

Joseph Mendoza says:

My face is to fat for pony tails

Race Face says:

Sorry that you suck at whatever competition we were playing honey boo boo. Sucks to suck sister. Go cry yourself a river princess.

Miriam Aschi says:

yes agree on PDA

angiee Vazquez says:

Might not seem like girls like it but when you talk to us we feel better :3

wangbi 0 says:

I always pay for everything on a date, it feels better to not force others to "waste" their money all the time just because "that's what guys do"

AlexLivesCeative 123 says:

my acne is to bad to be wearing ponytails

Seif Dze says:

I've never been in relationship. Is that normal?

Melody Dawn says:

I don’t think I look that bad in a pony tails but I have been told by a few guys that they think I look better with my hair down

Saly Hajali says:

Can you plz plz plz do how to be a confident girl

Juliet Reisch says:

Guys, if you like a girl, you need to let them know somehow, whether by telling them or even just talking to them if you haven’t. Girls are much more likely to like a guy that likes them, because they’ll start thinking about you as a possible boyfriend, and we’re shy, awkward potatoes around our crush, so if we like you we’ll probably be too scared to talk to you. We love when guys are confident like that.

DIYS and PETS says:

Help me i wamt my crush like me back i wear glasses
He never talks to me i think its because he know i like him he feels uncomfortqble helllllllppppppp meeeeee plissss Joshh please💖💖💖💖💖💖😄💜

DIYS and PETS says:

I want my crush notice me i wear glasses what should i put on or what should i make for him to notice me
Ohhh something else my crush never talks to me and he know i like him i do he like me or dont wants to be with me because he feel uncomfortanle?=/

Gallifreyan Chocolate says:

PDA's kinda disrespectful though.

Amelia Howe says:

I like the blue skateboard in the background!

Angelina Smouter says:

I feel bad now because I have won so many games against boys and I RUB IT IN! and I wish guys knew that when we mention a guy or talk to one, if they like you or your dating you don't need to get scared that you just lost your love. Also you do NOT I repeat DO NOT always have to ptotect/stand up for us. We can fight our own battles ( most of the time )

Nicole Oquendo says:

The last thing you said helped me a lot 😀

Gabrielle Tornow says:

I wish guys understood that we may say we're fine and put on a smile because girls are cruel. We aren't trying to be complicated when we won't talk about what's bothering us, we're just afraid of what others might think and say about us. Girls are constantly surrounded by drama and expected to be perfect, and sometimes it just gets to be too much. One person can only be strong for so long.

Hannah Rodriguez says:

I have fluffy hair so I have to wsir braids… Its hard to please them with braids.. Lonley life..😔😔

Madame SweetieCakes says:

Omg he has fairy lights in his room can I be your gf

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