Being Bisexual In Relationships | Q & A

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Hello boys and girls today I’m doing a Q&A answering as many questions as I can, we are talking about bisexuality in relationships, some of my hobbies, what’s my perfect guy and so much more.


Zach Evens says:

Missed ya glad you are back 🙂

Dževad Salčin says:

welcome back Courtney,Well you see here again

MyJeanette13 says:

Please do it monthly!!! I have missed those videos like hell!!!❤❤❤

MyJeanette13 says:

Not to be a dick… but next time can you pop up the questions? (Like putting a photo of the question in the corner)
But thank you for finally posting😋😂😊😊💛💗💙

Matea Zovko says:

Yes more Q&As!

Kay Jay says:

Whoa didn't expect you to be an orc, a pretty solid choice tho. Also good choice on OJ and pizza

Adam Lee says:

Great to see a new video from you.A Great Q & A! Love you xoxo

Dennis Dowd says:

Watching TV will make you stupid, studies show, especially if you are bi-sexual.

infinite universes says:

Courtney i missed you

Brian Dèz says:

You should do a mukbang (eating show) it’d be fun~

Stephen Frost says:

It has been a while. Great to see you again.

Michael Nyhan says:

Omg shit the bed orange juice and pizza are my favourite foods too 😂

Antwan Pena says:

You should do a smash or pass with celebs ❤️

Ruven W says:

Love Italian food too because my grandma is Italian✌🏻👍🏻

happy me says:

I love your videos, I'm bi too and your videos helped me so much. Keep it up💗💕

Victor says:

I love the new look and new start!!!! I'm so excited for you <3333

Victoria Dramstad says:

Who do you think is a handsome girl? (Girlfrend does not count)

John Rosas says:

You're Indian?! That's so cool!

happy me says:

Youre so cuuttteeee😆😆😆❤❤

Courtney-Jai says:

my question to you guys is what do you want most in life

Courtney-Jai says:

sorry my lights are a little bright

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