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Having a hobby is important, but there are some hobbies that are not meant for all; including parkour, flying drones or golfing! Leave a comment and let us know your favorite, or what kind of fails we should do next!


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Yoyo to the Face
Martial Arts by Poolside
Yoga Girl Washed Away
Paintballer Smashes Face Into Barrel
Breakdancer Smashes Mirror
Nunchucks Nut Shot
Pikachu Cosplay Fail
Kendama Juggling Fail
Fisherman Hit in Groin with Lure
Horse and Rider Faceplant
Juggler Hits Self in Face with Pins
Grandpa While Bowling
Guy’s Arms Gets Stuck in Gold Club Bag
Guy Tests Out DIY Zip Line
Guy Off Tall Bike
Toy Plane Goes into Drone
Guy Attempts to Hit Golf Ball Off Beer Bottle
Guy Fails During Wall Flip Attempt
Drone Goes Into Tree
Guy Onto Bowling Lane
Guy After Getting Duct Taped to Wall
Girl Faceplants while Doing Tricks on Pogo Stick
Boy Hits Himself with Bo Staff
Guy Gets Smacked in the Face with Homemade Weight
Boy Tries to Break Stick
Man Attempts Karate Kick
Boy Goes into Door While Attempting Disappearing Act
Man Slips off Golf Range
Guy Drives RC Copter Into Wall
Guitar Flies Off Strap
Drunk Man Tries to Bowl Without Bowling Shoes
Weights Fly Off During Front Squat Attempt
Man Walking on Stilts
Girl Slips Off Handstand Stilts
Woman Attempts Jump On Wooden Pallets with Unicycle
Girl Attempts Handstand on Paddleboard
Guy Can’t Climb Salmon Ladder
Guy Lands a Toy Airplane
Kid Attempts to Jump Into River and Slips
Guy Breaks Glass While Juggling
Girl Wipes Out on Icy Trampoline
Girls Wearing Onesies Fail at Acroyoga
Clown Gets Kicked in the Face
Rock Climber Swings Off Wall Into Table


FailArmy says:

What kind of fails should we do next?

Maxboyer 56 says:

Failarmy alomst fails

Fotoken says:

3:47 haHAA not staged at all haHAA

Joey Lepore says:

1st clip is the best rage quit of all time

Alex Taylor says:

Lol that kid in the first one tho. That's like built up anger and frustration from years of unfortunate life events in that throw.

Keep it lit FAMXD says:

The only girl today on here to day… Really representing her self..
Say no more

dcinhere says:

Parenting fail at 3:17! Like wtf?

Jeremy Dinsmore says:

3:54 – Wrong form for waterbending.
4:58 – This is why you shouldn't practice while drunk.
5:19 – Ha! More like NUTchucks, am I right? Get this guy a glass of WATTAAAA!!!

Dark SansA.M.N says:

türk vardı lan za

Spedic Y says:

Just pause it

Carlos G says:

4:13 It seems to me you're not making much progress! LMFAO

Matthew Snider says:

1:13 Her name is Eric?

Gennadiy Kalinichev says:


Michel De Santa says:

Fail Armi karate fails

nxtmassnz says:

I like the bit where the hamjob says "hurrr hurrr I got dat on camera"

sebastian says:

4:53 Jake Paul preparing to fight ricegum

Dan the Bts fan says:

2:58 when you want to be like Arrow

cats world says:

I love all of your videos 🙂 !

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