Hot eBay Keyword: Man Cave (Decor, Collectibles, Stuff!)

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A man cave is a guy’s private place for solitude, hobbies, or hanging out with other guys. The phrase Man Cave is highly searched on Google and you can cash in on this concept by using Man Cave in your titles – if (and only if) it is applicable to the item.

You might want go to through your existing listings and optimize them adding this keyword to listings it applies to. You’re welcome!!

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Sir Thrifts-A-Lot says:

My Man Cave is decorated with a lot of Christmas items. I have two stripper poles on each side of the room that I call the North Pole and the South Pole and a big neon sign that says Hoe, Hoe, Hoe. LOL My wife hates it! My friends love it!

Nancy Mckay-Russell says:

Thanks Suzanne! have a few things that I could put this term in the listing to.Going to try it and list them and see what happens.

Clad Queen says:

I recently sold a brass vintage sign that said "Saloon" and the buyer sent me a photo of it over the door to his "man Cave". Thank you for the tips!

jj nyc says:

Cool idea Suzanne!!! I think I can do that..husband has tons of things I can put up..excuse me..WE can put up…tee hee..
Now you gotta do a "She Shed"😅😅

Daniela Moroyoqui says:

Thank you so much Suzanne I would have never though of adding that but sounds like a very good idea, I do have stuff that I could definately add that key word.

愛愛イノシシ says:

Thanks for the tip. Should DIY be a separate category on your bullet list? Or is it implicitly considered part of "cars, motorcycles & boating"?

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