Interesting Prison Hobbies

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These are a few of the probably numerous interesting makeshift hobbies found in an Alabama maximum security prison. From custom guitars and cases built from balsa wood model boat kits to strip club VIP lounge blueprints, these guys are avoiding idle hands.


Epicly Kayla says:

Where are their shirt. Like literally half of these guys don't have shirts.

Eguia Erik says:

I want one of those guitars man!!!!

Eguia Erik says:

I want one of those guitars man!!!!

Rich Mash says:

This just goes to show that how obsolete the current education paradigm is. Developing the individual talents of people is the future of humanity. We can keep pigeon holing people and funneling them through an education system that was designed for the mechanical revolution. It's sad..

Daniel Isabelle says:

Dam those inmates have a lot of freedoms 

Zuly Boo says:

Lol that first guy sounds like Eminem

Flare Knux says:

I was expecting gambling, working out, rape, and making alcohol from the piss/orange peels in the toilet… but damn that guitar was wicked smart!

TalkAboutToys says:

everyone needs something to look forward to

kellykinsellives says:

those guitars are pretty impressive.

tice thomas says:

Man thats a tough life….

Андрей Горбатов says:

офигеть!!! какие люди!! сидят в тюрьме и делают уникаьые вещи! не опускаются1 не становятся дураками1 не тупеют!

CaptainFuture says:

I'd rather have them live like this, occupied with a hobby than pay 20 more guards so they don't form gangs and murder each other because they are bored as shit.

John Smith says:

Damn that guy that serves life is a damn shame, he seems like a good guy

GabrielTheViking says:

here in norway non of our taxes goes to roads and sidewalks we are the richest damned country on earth with some of the worst roads wtf

Patrick Star says:

i shit you not, i did the exact same thing…

Mani Kandan says:

Have you heard about "Smashing Ripped X?" (do a Google search for it) It is a quick way for you to bulk up fast.

kartrakracer1 says:

look at this man, he raped and murder but what he does in jail is interres.. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT!! this is not a fucking zoo .. get thoses damn camera outta there, theses guys r the worst thrash of society and they should be punished everyday so they never wanna get back there, ever! instead they building maximum security prison that look like an amusement park so poor people kill and rape just to get in and join the fun.. whatta fucking joke really!!! im not impressed.


also our taxes mostly go to paving uncessary roads or sidewalk 

Bo Diddley says:

Suck my white dick u black fuck

anEnigma says:

Bitch, you do know they actually work for their money, and he did say he had to pay the amount equivalent to 9 cigar packs which is a lot for them,
You're a degenerate fool.

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