Top 10 Manliest Things We Know About Vladimir Putin

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Top 10 Manliest Things We Know About Vladimir Putin // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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There are many unbelievable Vladimir Putin stories around: that he once caught a record-breaking fish, that he used to be a spy in the KGB, that he shot a whale with a crossbow, that he’s friends with Steven Seagal. The list of Vladimir Putin accomplishments is long – and super manly! WatchMojo counts down ten super-manly facts about Vladimir Putin.

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00:25 #10: He’s Friends with Steven Seagal
01:05 #9: He Helped Put Out Wildfires
01:44 #8: He Was in the KGB
02:26 #7: He’s a Talented Hockey Player
03:11 #6: He Once Caught a Massive Fish
03:51 #5: He’s Shot a Whale with a Crossbow
04:30 #4: He Hugs Polar Bears
05:08 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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AllAboardTheDankMemeTrain says:

I find it funny how many "lol so many butt hurt comments" comments yet I do not see any butt hurt comments just the comments I mentioned before

Mansour HM says:

What's the song in the background

ThePale Dorc says:

I fucking love this guy, proper snack as well

Jezuz Maximum says:

This is stuff that the mainstream media will never show…

Obi Wan Kenobi says:

In Russia Tiger doesnt Maul you, you Maul Tiger.

JayOne says:

Even putin takes shits

Eddie James says:

Putin a Legit Ass kicker

Henryk John says:


Sir N says:

Trump and Putin should be locked in a room. Only the survivor leaves the room.

Mnrr 18799 Network Ecuador says:

Putin can Beat Obama in a Wrestling Fight 😛

Ryan Stewart says:

Action retain testimony valley presentation correspondent abuse ideal yourself uncomfortable preparation appointment.

Jackson Shong says:

Did he pay you to make this

Jane Air says:

Russia is a totalitarian state. Putin is a leader like Stalin. Another 10 years and Russia will be similar to North Korea. Who likes Putin, hurry to leave the US for us in Russia, until the border is closed))))

Jane Air says:

As long as Putin is a president, more and more migrants from russia will come to America. From the hell created by him, all who can run.

Jane Air says:

To all who admire Putin. Putin is a new Stalin. We have so many political prisoners in jail! In russia there is no more freedom of speech. Putin drove Russia into poverty. Pensioners receive $ 170 per month. An ordinary worker gets $ 350. Women get $ 260. Such salaries are only in large cities. In small cities, salaries are even less. Take this stinky leader yourself!

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