What hobbies are HOT?! Ask Japanese girls what hobbies they find HOT.

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Sporty? Arty? Fashionable? Let’s ask Japanese girls what hobbies they like to see boys perform.

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Michael Devine says:

In U.S., if you have less than a Ferrari, no girl will approach you, but in Japan it's enough to show your Driver's License and you are golden

Yannick van Oostrum says:

Is martial arts considered a hot sport for men? Do japanese girls like that too?

Says Helloともね says:

I prefer, a skater, maybe a an anime lover? I guess.. coz they seem cool, and rocky 😛😛

Matsuri tokyo says:

boy's who sing is cute☺

hehe hehe says:

how about fighter pilots

Rafael Rodrigues says:

Haha Brazilians do fine with hobbies in Japan, since a lot of people plays soccer xD.

Andrei in 日本 says:

I think girls who can play drums is pretty awesome. haha

KreiserGaming says:

Soccer is a sport for females and Europeans. These women need to see hockey.

andrea piro says:

i like your videos, but your voice is so high that everytime you talk i have to lower the volume or change to the next video.. i know for japanese girls is considered cute, but your is very very high xD
My opinion off course..

Memoria Lux says:

I like someone who can draw/paint well. Not exactly in the manga style, but in general. Or being able to play an instrument well–I think that's cool.

Markus Gultom says:

Ano… Please Provide The Translation In ENGLISH … 😉
I think You'd better Edit Your Video With Translation in the Bottom of the Screen 😉
I think that's it 😀

RR P says:

man who cooks is hot.

Ayman Aladin says:

Did I think "masturbation" was one of them hot hobbies? Well, YES! :/

abbyuma93 says:

okay but how is being fashionable a hobby? lol

Mr_Rhymes says:

Thank god they dont like weeaboo faggots, seems like they like men with actual hobbies. Anime is cool once in awhile but its barely a part of my life

Majid Q says:

Lol, I do none of these hobbies

フェイスFaith says:

haha i feel like i'm the opposite of these girls, although i would like a guy who can drive i'm not really into sports, i like intelligent guys and i like creative guys who can draw or play an instrument or even just guys who like to just hand out and watch tv or play video games! hmm maybe i'm reflecting too much on my own personality though…

Intelligent Void says:

the thumbnail picture looked like the girl was roasting someone😂😂😂😂

Xandria Ravenheart says:

I noticed non of them said cooking or baking…xD I guess it's only me who has a thing for Peeta Mellark.

Kooei says:

for a boy it would be cool to create something…as a robot or an android! or at least an app or a program! :3 nerd mode on xD

NKA59 says:

Cathy cat bist aus Deutschland?

Kristabel Leong says:

I just watched the boys version of this… and I'm wishing that some of them met each other because their interests match ^^

trianna2008 says:

Am I the only one playing matchmaker between these girls and the guys from the hot girl hobbies video lol?

ownageyeahful says:

if a girl can play an instrument, straight up ten!

Black Cobra says:

OMG Cathy you look super gorgeous with long black hair… actually you always look gorgeous, and 40K subs that's amazing keep it up and hopefully you'll make it big time. I wish you the best and great vid btw. Take care bye 🙂

narsplace says:

Japanese girls such perverted minds.

bengalifob2 says:

YES! Love a guy that can play soccer.

Leonardo DaVinci says:

Eeeeh, I like something different.

Someone with a technical hobby like electronics, circuits, programming or mechanics is pretty cool for me.

A bookworm or an intellectual is also fantastic.

A guy who can draw very good? Any day!!

There is a good chance I find these hobbies to be attractive because I'm also this type of a person.

vankilsing says:

the girl in the white cap <3

B.D says:

For those who haven't been to Japan yet: Japanese girls are flaky and fake AF. I never trust them.

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