5 Toys Men Secretly Want For Under $50

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Drone: http://bit.ly/2Ack6AY
Crossbow: http://bit.ly/2AFPWqU
Laser Tag
VR Headset: http://bit.ly/2AduE2A
Power Up Paper Airplane: http://bit.ly/2AeS47F

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showtekk avicci says:

When I was 9. My friend and I build badass arrows out of a straw , hair clip( the black ones) and 2 rubber bands. Bend the hair clip sharpen the tip on the cement attach the paperclip to the straw with the rubber band and shoot it with the other rubber band. Mexicans lol it will do damage tho. We use to shoot them at trees and they will pierce into a tree.

Kester Belgrove says:

This is the best video you've done so far. You're right and these to are great

Artista says:

Show us your fitness progress, you look thin AF

David M says:

Where’s the link for the laser tag guns? I want one

christopher mata says:


RickMister 773 says:

Mic is kinda low

Luis Manrique says:

Can't relate

Mad_Hatter257 says:

Juan the type of zuniga to steal his brother clothes for wearing in the video

Jackson R says:

That title tho 😏😏

Arthur Soto says:

Why do I want all of these items…

Oli Freakin Davis says:

Whoops wrong toy I though pocket….

Binesh Badhan says:

I don't usually comment.. but Juan you are looking good! What changes have you done? Etc

rsk 2415 says:

Juan the type of Zuniga to play with powered paper aeroplanes

Michael Loeve says:

Who was here before 700 views?

Luis Mercado says:

Unique stuff, nice vid

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