Cutting Open Mr Doh Cranberry Guts Belly Iron Man Squishy Toys

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Cutting Open Mr Doh Cranberry Guts Belly Iron Man Squishy Toys with Toy Genie. In this video, Mr. Doh isn’t feeling well again! What is inside Mr. Dough’s belly? It looks like guts! We cut in to Mr. Doh’s belly and squishy toys to find out what is making Mr. Doh not feel well.

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Paige Bailey says:


mikah holcomb says:

I love how you do theses videos who else agrees

genesis rile says:

Toy genie i love you please give some shopkins please i wish you will see this comment

Jaylien Henry says:

But still I like your video

Jaylien Henry says:

Stop coping cookie swirls c??

ruhi amed says:

What is the rong ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☠️?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☠️??????????????????????????

Shaix Gaming says:

I want the apple so much

its awesome af

Lieutenant BiteMe says:

I love your videos

Bebi Paloi says:

ohh please do moree videos like this pleasesss!!☺?☺☺

AAA quinn says:

i love mr doe videos

TechnoGod says:

I Think its jelly tell mr. doe to not eat that much jelly

Robin Foster says:

hey how did the slimmer tip of slime get in the stof

Chloe Dixon says:


Carmen Lora says:

zzz. ed. szssdszz c.

Maria's Vlog's says:

Where it you buy Mr. Doh?

kayla gaming says:

wow that stuff out of the apple looks like strwberry applesauce.

Ava Miles says:

you didn't put on your gloves

Bendy and the meme machine 420 blaze it says:

what did the toys do to you!!!!!!!!!,?

flowerchild7o3 says:

I agreed. ,,

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