Disney Cars Toys McQueen knockout race with Avengers Hulk Spiderman Iron Man Batman & The Flash TT4U

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Disney Cars McQueen, Finn McMissile and Sally Carrera compete against the Hot Wheels cars of the Avengers Hulk Spiderman and Iron Man. Also in the knockout race are the Justice League cars of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. The judges are the funny Funlings. Fun car toy story video for kids and children.
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RocketBoy Maniac says:

Remember me?you met me at the airport last year Lila 7

Pedro Delgado says:

Sally Fell Off First

Clive Hine says:

Flash did a good win just knock hulk out

TheNewStoryteller says:

That's the first for me to see Sally lose her chassie.

Joel Panda Panda says:

Hi How is your day going on

Marvin I Tzul says:

Cool video and well done flash for winning the race

Pedro Delgado says:

@Toytrains4u Can You PLEASE Do Another FASTEST Wins? Not Thomas, Cars.

Pedro Delgado says:

The Set Featured In The Video Is The Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Kit

Mar bella Aguilar says:

Cool video and well done flash

Willys Toys says:

Super cute Disney Cars Toys McQueen knockout race

cherry blossom papworth says:

Hi how are you guys

Marc Manent París says:

The Flash wins.

svs mani says:

What happened to the minions

Funny Toys says:

McQueen go go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUPERCELL Official says:

Hiiii im so early thanks to the notification bell

Kids Game TV says:

i am here !

8-Bit Emerald Enzo says:

I know Hulk doesn't fit on the track, right? See? Maybe he said a thick track can fit his monster truck.

Justin Frazier says:

That's a great competition!

Reilly ashton And sofia ashley says:

Amazing video

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