Do New Spider-Man Toys Spill Film Secrets?

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Hasbro is showing off the new Spider-Man Homecoming toys, and they make us wonder how the new movie will fit in with the rest of the Avengers timeline.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Secrets Revealed

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Shione Cooper says:

He looks like Scarlet Spider from the comics in his pre – Stark costume lol

Calvin Etson says:

His homemade suit is very reminiscent of Ben Reily's costume from the comics.

makatak1370 says:

Hey kids do you like the SPIDER-MAN?

Jimmy Hails says:

I think that Stark will take Parker's suit in the middle of the movie and give it the web wings and then Parker will use the hoodie suit while Stark is doing that.

Lester Squad says:

1:19 thanks to the Geek Crate and Nerd Box!

Макс Максвил says:

Sucks news…

Lily Quinn says:

A Tom Holland/Spider-Man action figure? This keeps on getting better. ?

MediaxFeendz says:

those look like shit

Sara Samaletdin says:

I think it would be good to have brief scenes of uncle Ben dying and other origin stuff. This is many kids first Spider Man film and a first for some older people too and I have seen the death only once in the Tobey version. So its mainly the biggest fans that have seen it too many times. It would be good if you watch the MCU you do not need to watch other version to get bacics of the character.

Louie La Compte says:

Is Charley cosplaying as a flight attendant on the Starship Enterprise?

TheTaskmaster says:

multiple people use that gun in the trailer – maybe he will too

Mr.FluffyFace is bad at games says:

Lego are the best. you get to build the play set yourself and then when you get bored with it you can take it apart and build a new play set with the pieces. (and yes, the plural of Lego is Lego)

Mackube Animations says:

why would they put adds in videos that don't get any views ?

I kid I love u guys

Roei Potash AKA Poihpio says:

"l used to have Batman/Star Trek crossovers"
child Dan is who we should all aspire to be

Ki dubz says:

I remember going into a Disney store around the time Disney and Sony were making their deal. And I had saw a spider-man figure standing next to the rest of the Avengers (Disney property), and I thought to myself, "Yep, they have the rights to spider-man now." And this was before Sony/Disney made the announcement. And years before that I remember thinking the same way. That the merchandise they sell are little spoilers for future films. I can go on and on but I don't have the time atm. Reply to me SJN!!!

Vietnam Bleach says:

Am I like the only one that thinks that the beginning of these videos are so bad?? Like they are so poorly edited

marto kadiev says:

If only one of you remembered that in the trailer there were scenes of him with the pre-civil war suit…

Charleston T says:

I don't think this takes place during CW because on the trailer peter watches himself fight Giant Man. I think this may be right after CW.

Jack Simon says:


Richard Flint says:

No the toys don't. The costume is in the trailer and it's clear this movie will start near the end of civil or right after, you guys know this you did a trailer breakdown why does this take 10mins

CreeperSlayer says:

ok guys so…the upgrade is the wing suit…and also that whole scene where peter is talking to tony in the car is right after civil war, and will probably be the opening…sooooo

rodrigo valdez says:

FYI in the marvel legends series, black widow is one of the most sought-after figures

Dimitri Bitu says:

me personally think the toys should be in the next geek box

damon trudeau says:

when he gets slammed to the bus, if you slow it down hes wearing the sweater suit

Destin Lewis says:

How did the thumbnail give too much away?

Jaison Abraham says:

it cant be before civil war. he used the watch tony gave him in the movie after civil war.

Quinn Lewis says:

The 1993 Jurassic Park toys. ??

Yohan Alexander says:

Where is hot Aunt May action figure ?

what ever says:

for me your thumbnail gave too much away

Jacob Provenzano says:

I can't watch this without thinking of redlettermedia

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