History of Six Million Dollar Man Toys: Vintage Kenner Action Figure Collection / Review

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John Wild says:

Great overview of the Kenner Six Million Dollar Man toy line. I am still impressed with the play features and quality that showed us Kenner toys motto "We Really Do Care." wasn't just words. These toys had value then and today are a testament to the toy designer of the past. I have a growing collection of these toys and have looked at many of them on my YouTube channel. This video was a treat and I thank you very much for your high quality, attention to detail and great information.

Sea Thizzo says:

My life PRE Star Wars!
I was 5 turning 6

MoisesCardez says:

Yo tuve mi muñeco de "EL HOMBRE NUCLEAR" me lo trajo una tía de USA.

hrpuffnstuff67 says:

Both the Six Million dollaran doll and the crystal radio back pack were designed by my dads first cousin George Giordano

Steve White says:

Tony, this was awesome, thanks for posting it. I had Steve, Oscar, Maskatron and the rocket module. I saved all my toys — these, Star Wars men and ships galore, Mego Star Trek guys and Enterprise Bridge, Johnny West, Pulsar, Intruders, Bullet Man…then I moved away after college and my dad tossed them all! Somehow he didn't toss the Star Wars stuff so at least I still have that. Great memories! I need to get that t-shirt you have on, where did you find it? Keep on rockin' brother…looking forward to checking out your other vids!

Jeff Block says:

Nostalgic beyond words.

Dale Hanna says:

Excellent presentation and good memories, my brother and I each received a Six Million Dollar Man (with the engine block) for Christmas 1975 or 1976.

Chris Mason says:

I had that exact D O D G E Tradesman van, but never ran Steve over. Although my mom filmed my brother burning Steve in Transport in glorious 16 mm I ll put it up on my channel soon. Noooooooo! It was the Mission Vehicle! NOOOO!

Dale Rockwell says:

when the action fig is in the ship he looks like he has a beard ??? at 11:27

rob morgan says:

My dream toy

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