Hot Toys Iron Man Mark VI 2018 – Diecast Avengers Special Edition 1/6 review MMS378 D17

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This is a Hot Toys diecast re-release of 2011 first Mark VI – enjoy a review and extended comparison of this latest Hot Toys iron man suit to the first plastic-only version. Missed out to tell you on the (visible) diecast cast parts: Thighs, calves, biceps and elbow joint.

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Willems Pierre says:

Just the Mark i is left to make Diecast.. Wouldn't be interested in anything else other than the 1-7 Armors.

Willems Pierre says:

That upside-down pyramid arc reactor makes it look dangerous!!

Elías Castro says:

Just out of curiosity, this figure is on preorder now? how did you get it?

Luke Ryan says:

Great to see you back fantastic review.

Bruno Klapper says:

Great review!!

What pieces would be diecast?

Keyboard Warriors says:

Nice video man. The little scratch on the faceplate was driving me crazy throughout the video. #OCD

Ian R says:

Thank for doing this & spending the money it looks great but the price is very high in the uk, cheers ian.

Bob L'éponge says:

Wow it will be a pass for mark 4 and gantry suit since the armor does all the good job but good joke. It's mark 3 hs. Thanks for the let down hot toys.

Nickolas Ip says:

Nice review! The new Mark vi is so much better than the old one. Mark III was a shame

N7Vakarian says:

Really stands out compared to the old one, I have the Avengers Mark 6. Looking to get the Diecast so I can store that one away to keep it safe. Night and day though how much better the Diecast is

DJJEZ1983 says:

amazing review. im waiting for him to ship from sideshow. he is my first ever 1/6 iron man 😀

MachineMess81 says:

Great review! Love the big shoulders and overall bulkiness of the suit. It’s going to be tough to wait for this to get to the US…Can you imagine this armor in quarter scale?!

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