Hot Toys Spider-Man Homecoming Deluxe Set Unboxing review MMS426

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“This is my chance to prove myself.”

After the events of Captain America: Civil War, the young Spider-Man, Peter Parker, is trying to strike a balance between his normal routine life as a high school student and the crime-fighting superhero life under Tony Stark’s mentorship

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Rifqi Hamami says:

I'd take the jacket if you don't want em 😉

Eurus 21 says:

Cant you buy an other suit so you can have him in other great poses?


What's on Spider-man's forehead? is that a cloth defect? 2:55

Rick Kear says:

Maybe getting most of infinity war line but the prices to high now for us collectors

Gaspar Cerqueira says:

Love Spiderman

Jerry Soto says:

How did you get this?! It’s been sold out forever

Annabee Carter says:

Was it delayed? Why did it took you so long to receive this figure. I'm kinda scared to pre order from sideshow now because of all the delays

mams1701 says:

I actually got this figure a few weeks ago..Never opened it.. it is SO sad and boring how Marvel has ruined these classic characters. . i can't even bring myself to care enough to even open the shipper box..
Sony at least tried- he kept his mask on and was a hero with or without the suit. this garbage Marvel has done..moving eyes, the robotics.. ugh… pass..

TheLocutus70 says:

Danobi, you think they'll release an Iron Spider Spidey

Septiplier PlayZ says:

Wow just WOW

Ryan F says:

I just unboxed this figure, as well. Absolutely beautiful work on making the suit look great, but I agree with you Danoby, you can’t trust moving that figure at all. Thanks for the video, always enjoy them. 👍

Rick Kear says:

IT took hot toys so long great review to

the best of the best says:

Great vid, but…. you spent 250 to not care…. that sucks

Mighty Whitey says:

Are you getting the infinity war Ironman??

TheScrollsOfGaming says:

There's something wrong with the Spider-Man head, it has a dent on its forehead maybe you should send it back?

R-Mon Damage says:

You should’ve put the helmet on and post Spider-Man with it.

DaveyCrockett5000 says:

That Vulture helmet is the biggest tease ever. Really makes me wish they would make a Vulture figure. Great video as always!

Niccolio Productions says:

5 words. Where is the Phicen upgrade

Justin's Collection says:

Awesome vid Danoby! Loving the pose with the 47!

Deep Singh says:

Where do you buy these stuff from

Alfiqri nugraha says:

Yess im waiting this review for long time

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