Hot Toys Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man Mark 47 XLVII Power Pose 4 PPS004 Review

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Hello folks! Join me in this spectacular unboxing review on the Mark 47 suit as seen in Spiderman Homecoming!! LIKE, SUB, leave your comments. ! Thanks for watching!


Robertjustafan says:

Dude hope your ok… heard of the hurricane down your parts be well and be safe.

Bornz0r says:

Hello Danoby2, I have a question for you considering you are an Hot Toys Iron Man expert.
So far I don't own an Iron Man figure in my collection by Hot Toys and since I'm from Europe I tend to avoid using Sideshow or Ebay because of the import fees etc.. I was wondering if it's worth buying the Mark 47 instead of the Mark 46, in my country the Mark 47 is available for pre-order at 555€, I found it on a website for the price of 378€ not including shipping so I'm guessing it will be close to 400-410€ to get it delivered here. Now, the Mark 46 costs the same exact price, which action figure do you think is worth buying? Thanks in advance Danoby I really hope you see my comment and reply.

Brad Miller says:

Go on Danoby get the diecast, you will kick yourself otherwise. Great video production on the review and good to see you doing an Iron Man figure again, thank you.

Robertjustafan says:

Wow came out fast! Btw need i ask? Are we ever gonna see benjamin?

Gifted Monkey says:

Wow…. this looks AWESOME! I think I will Partake in this!!! Thanks for posting D.!

Ryan F says:

Great review. What this piece lacks in articulation, it seems to make up in how beautiful it looks with those lights turned on. I've never seen one of the diecast figures lit up this brightly.

Derek Fagan says:

You'll buy the Diecast Mk. 47, who are you kidding?

Richard Buathier says:

Still hoping for the Vulture

Novabox15Z says:

Weird, Iron Man Hot Toys are normally in styrofoam.

mech45commander prime says:

47 is unfinsh

Leo Marcel van Leeuwen says:

Iron Man looks amazing cool for sure with the lights great review.

Jason187n Porteous says:

You should do a gaurdians of the galaxy gamora phicen

Toy Idols says:

Thank for sharing. I had no idea about the Power Pose Series. And I can't believe this is already available.

Walter Lopes says:

Muito louco da hora

Ken Carpenter says:

Loving that kind of 360 walkaround at the end. That was so badass!

Ken Carpenter says:

What do you mean "you're not sure if you're going to get the diecast". You know damn well you're going to buy it. Lol.

daniel tadeu jaud alves alves says:

iron man top galáxias

megaman exe says:

I really like this suit. I would love a power pose but I just want 1 non static figure but ill settle for a power pose or the king arts for now.

BadAccentGamer says:

I would have love for Hot Toys to make the light switch at the base so I can use it as a nightstand lamp. Also powered (alternatively) by an AC adapter. Oh well I'm going to save that money so I can pay a toe of the Hulkbuster :).

Brian 4 says:

this is my favorite suit design! love the silver

Nasser Feed says:

Is the body made out of metal of painted plastic??

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