Life Size Real Iron Man Suit Mark 43 by Toys Asia for $365,000

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Hmm... says:

Does it have a headphone jack?

Lewis Murphy says:

the mark 7 is my perspective favourite but is freaking cool

김성현 says:

저거 입고 움직일수도있는건가?

Aadi Ringay says:

For 365,000 I would expect it to fly and speak.
And of course we should fit in there….
Wat' s the use of such a shit in which we can't fit.??

KiLL Adox says:

If someone could get in and walk around that would be so coooll

Lammy Gaming says:

bruh I am 10 but I want this

Dor-Si says:

Come on people! It's $365,000 in HKD. That's only a shade under $50,000 USD at current exchange rates. What a deal (cough)

Tara Myers-Upton says:

Can u use it can set a example on if it works or a fake or… because it looked fake in the vid

DemirAdam Model 43 says:

buy for $539.0283

Slaouse Moyse says:

I have 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000778854575478747870099943894949410000000338$)

Max Mustermann says:

365k…i wonder what you can get for 3.5 million

Master Studios says:

Can I go in it?

Xx Raiden xX says:

I don't need it….. I don't need it….. I NEED IT!

Kenado Dinham says:

how can I buy the suit

Sonny k says:

If it flies I will take it

Hamish Warr says:

best Ironman Suit
make mark 46

stark tv says:

if they add a jet pack then i 'll give 10000,000000 see my surname i am stark .

DallasTechie says:

Dope ! Even if it's all for show. Gotta love Asian Tech

BlackCat 3041 says:

It's not life size

Mina Lay says:

it can be used

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