Optibotimus Reviews: Hot Toys Avengers Die-Cast IRON MAN MK VI (6)

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Hot Toys The Avengers Die-Cast IRON MAN MK VI(6) Video Review


Kevin Gamarra says:

GBA SP 2003-2008 .

Reclaimer2552 says:

Tony has a missile fetish.

mams1701 says:

Easy pass on this one.. They want more money yet give you less scene/movie specific parts and the base is miniaturized to the point of not even worth displaying.. Easy, easy pass… 😅

ZapixzPlayz says:

Hey, I was wondering if you can still get the gi joe retaliation storm shadow and snakes eyes on sideshowtoys.com

todd phillips says:

now if only a tony stark figure would get made where you can put the actual armor on him.


oh..look at detail on the STARK face..so nice

Pete Kazeck says:

Just to highlight this, The nicks and scratches you see on the paint all over the armor is on purpose, its from battle / normal wear and tear, it shows up in the review, so look close. The reason I mention this is because when I received mine, opened it and saw that I kinda freaked out and called Sideshow – they addressed my issue right away and asked me to look closely at the pictures they posted on their site. I didn't think there would be many reviews on YouTube since I had just received mine (don't know how others got theirs months ago). Great review … glad there are a few on the Mark VI, from now on I'll check YouTube first .. LOL.

gunm808 says:

I wish they had made the arc reactor light function more accurate–even the diecast version still doesn't light up the whole triangle area like it does in the film.

James Blake says:

the battle damage is from the thor battle… if you look at the face plate, it has a dent in it when thor head butted him

Jimmy Crack says:

Love your review


I like that all the Iron man Hot toys have battle damage for the figure

Daddy Alex says:

Your videos are awesome
New fav youtuber

John Rhogan says:

If you ever get the Mk V armor from Iron Man 2 I'll so be there to watch that review. That is my favorite armor from Iron Man 2.

Cliff Wilson says:

I'm saving to get my first hot toy Iron Man, and I'm on the fence with what to get, so I was wondering if you had any recommendations for under 400 dollars.

Laura Gonzalez says:

We already have the original mark 6, so no diecast for us , but great looking figure, my honest opinion is that the grand jewel of the diecast series is the iron patriot, over 60% diecast maybe even a little more, great review!!

professeralsome1 says:

Will you review the diecast mark 3 if you get it. Also you are able to get 3rd party battle damage chest, mask, shoulders, forearms and leg flaps. So you could still have a damaged look for your hall of armour. Hope that helps

Windmills Of My Mind says:

Paul, love the review as always glad to see your opinions on it, also really appreciate the condensed box/packaging review gets straight into the action 😀

Ethan Paul says:

dude u so lucky to get it we don't have it in my country

Singuy888 says:

Are the extra hands beside the articulated one plastic? Them being rubber also fade and happened to most of my die cast ironmans.

Dank Memer says:

wait, something came to my mind. Why does tony bother putting a clear piece over the arc reactor of all of his armor if he's going to use his unibeam.

Dank Memer says:

Some conspiracist say that this armor was worn by tony stark when he wanted to infiltrate the order illuminati. The arc reactor says it all.

Diamond Wo1f35 says:

we will always rember the day tony stark hacked the quin jet to start playing Shoot To Thrill with the bad ass entrance

Nick Kaz says:

Excellent video!

Luq Waffle says:

Make your move reindeer games

Hybrydatp64 says:

Lol hot toys used a Gundam’s beam saber for the pink laser

Fred Whartenby says:

Awesome review! As someone who has owned several iron man figures, is there one you would recommend as a somewhat definitive iron man figure? I'd like to add an iron man to my collection but there's so many out there and they all look pretty cool to me lol

TronPowerNode says:

Your ASMR voice is sooooooo chill, dude. I wanna hear you eating hot dogs and drinking sprite while I go to sleep.

Kyle Armitage says:

Your videos never cease to impress me and this review is no exception you deserve so many more views and support than you get and know that I will always be one of your loyal subscribers

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