Play Doh Toys NEW HULK Smashdown Marvel Spiderman Iron Man Can-Heads Playdough DisneyCarToys

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New Play Doh Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man toys set by DisneyCarToys. Marvel Superhero Spider-Man reviews the brand new Playdough Smashdown Hulk set with Can-Heads and Iron Man! Spidey puts play doh webs on the Hulk and uses the Can-Heads to build fun shapes. This Hasbro Play Doh toy set is a great toddler and preschool toy. Hulk and Iron Man are both part of the superheroes group the Avengers.

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This video features the Play-Doh Smashdown Hulk Featuring Marvel Can-Heads and the Spiderman Marvel Superhero action figure.

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KA A says:

the golden age of you want to come over

Crystal Verbeke says:


Fawn Puddlejumper says:

Spidey, your arm had come off as play-doh

Josh Grant says:

very camp spidey

Safal Lama says:

very nice work the girl name is samana has done that

Bitter8Tragedy says:

using moms accnout amron

Bitter8Tragedy says:

fuuny when hulk smash spiderman smash smash smash little spider bug smash smash smash mash spider head smash smash

Star Bwoy says:

just let her

DesmondandIvorycraftsworld says:

I like the spider webs
And the wheel

Wrhodez71 says:

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Quinton Cunningham says:

I like the bricks

ernst etienne says:

Speedy seedy ewseum

Naomi Musoko says:

? I. Loved. Your. ChanneL. So. Much.?

Joe Jean-Gilles says:

The jet and Iron Man's blast

Woofletron 008 says:

My favourite is hulk and spiderman

JellyBean says:


Enas Gaballa says:

Wow I don't think we'll be seeing spidy in a while

lisette Lopez says:

go spideman

Роман Абитов says:

роман обитов

mehek khan says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA

Michael Mcgee says:

I loved this!

Amy Marshall says:



Deangela Ordu says:

I hate you better miss I hate you

Sofirockz says:

This was a great video! Im a girl and I want this toy!

EricMitchell PublishingGroup says:

I meant spidey

EricMitchell PublishingGroup says:

My favorite was the wheel and serves u right spider for making fun of hulk

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