The Decline of Toys R Us…What Happened?

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This week Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy. It was shocking news and left everyone wondering what happened. This video takes a look at Toys R Us and explores the causes of the bankruptcy as well as makes predictions about the future of the company.

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powerralley says:

Toys r us should have created a chuckie cheese like atmosphere where kids could play arcades and eat pizza while at the same time able to buy toys. That would be God's gift to children of all generations.

Kylle Poiencot says:

There is a campaign to help Toys R Us! We should spread the word!

Quacking films says:

I thought mesquite would keep their toys r us. boy was I wrong.

wisteria wolf says:

Im upset im a kid too screw Amazon they take away their business and they probably people who work there take their toys and then sell it on their website dum dum Amazon I figured it out

Dante Trainmaster says:


Dante Trainmaster says:

Someday I hope they come bakc

Julia Ksiezniczka says:

Toys r us looks weird inside 👎👎👎👎👎👎

Julia Ksiezniczka says:

Toys r us looks weird

Curtis Karpe says:

I actually am still a lego guy sooo…

MelsonWithTrucking says:

Why was there a buyout in the first place?

I'm in my 30s and I remember the toys that was around during the 90s when i was still a child. The toys back then were so well made. I loved hot wheels cars and tonka trucks I remeber I tried my hardest to break that damn thing but couldn't. I definitely agree that video games have changed how toys are made. They are cheaper and don't seem to excite kids like a game like Grand theft auto or fortnite will.

Admiral Stone says:

Speaking of technology, there's some disturbing "kids" videos with inappropriate content, and yet the weird uploaders are making Bank off of the #elsagate vids. It's disgusting. >:(

JDOG24 0 says:


GravityHD says:

One Reason……

Kids buy more Video Games..

BoriKua787 says:

It was a sad day when I saw the "Going out of Business" banner I was crush. I'm a grown man, 36 but I love going to ToyRus (Tru 9 out of the 10 time I would go I would never buy anything but still love going to ToyRus) it was just such a awesome store!!!! There were toys everywhere, toys you knew, toys you wanted, toys you knew your parents were never going to buy you and toys you had no idea of. I took my two daughters to ToyRus after telling them the sad news that ToyRus was going away, my youngest daughter only six years old started to tear up, lips quivering, look at my and will a sad, painful and cracking voice told me, "But I don't want ToyRus to go away". Saddest day of my life 😭😭😭

Emily Charlotte says:

I hope Toys r us in Australia closes next. Their toys are way too overpriced (like everything else here in Australia) and the staff there are not friendly at all. I am sad that the US ones are closing though because I was in the States last year and I enjoyed shopping there more than I do here in Australia. Their toy prices are way more affordable (even with the conversion at the time) and the service was better than here.

Infinity Inc. says:

Could you make a video on maplin?

FlyingSpartan says:

noooooo where am I going to buy nerf guns and legos now???

Jorge Rivera says:

My parents never had the chance afford anything from this store but I remember they only took me there twice in my life time to just enjoy the atmosphere and tell me if I do well in school I could afford anything I want. This place was magical when I was a kid and my favorite toys where Legos and Transformers since they where extreme eye-candy on display. It must suck to a be a kid these days, 90% of their lives is just the internet and almost everything has some sort of political propaganda.

kawii potato says:

I love toys r us it's the best but it's the end of the toys 😥😓😧😧😭😢😭😢😦😦😦😦

MxYogERTS says:

Lets be honest, in this day and age, kids are hyped to get a new stuffed animal or robot, kids want their Mom's credit card to buy micro-transactions for their iPhone apps, a digitally downloadable game on PSN or Xbox, or to watch their favorite TV shows on netflix. As technology entertainment rises, tangible entertainment is most likely declining

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