This Old man makes 7 types of toys using sugar candy – Sugar candy toys

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Making 7 types of toys using sugar candy by this Old man — Sugar candy toys
He is making these following toys like Watch, Bike, snake, Crow on flower, chain with bird, scorpion, and chain,

This sugar candy seller is selling his toys near krishnagiri IT Kids school during evening days. The toys are eatable.


Sirisha Reddy says:

I love it so much

NRR allah says:

which place the old man really super

funny girl says:

best in the world candy

Cobain Floyd says:

What a talent solute

Imran Haider says:

مرے بچپن کے دن کتنے اچهے تهے دن
آج بیٹهے بٹهائے کیوں یاد آ گئے ????


he is amazing. . now a days our generation forgetting this and also disrespecting those people. so sad

M.zehra Zehra says:

love u uncle

who who says:

Neat but I wouldn't eat it ?

Anam Shaique says:

wat a talented person maashaallah

Sadeppa Tarihal says:

OMG. …………..

synedrion says:

the old man dues a hard work

Madhuparna Mallick says:

u did a great work sharing this. hope he gets the recognition. so happy to see his smile. i m from west bengal ..i admire south indians they r hardworking.

smaraki swagatika says:

90s memory.beautiful design Candy's just for 1 or 2rs.I wish I can get now.

haya.nida12345 nida says:

He can win a award by doing this kind of stuff

idian telaints on says:

budhe ko meddal milna chahiye

Ann Saiĺa says:

I want to eat it!

syeda anesa says:

I wish i could help him by liking this video


wowww…..super…??thatha semma….

Sabhya Kumar says:

Are you kidddddddddddding me lol can you find difference ? is this find if like and comment


Catherine Chu says:

thats talent

PREETI chauhan says:

fabulous job

Sajjad Pco says:

amazing you are

Priya nair says:

a great man

Hania Shirazi says:

but that man looks so poor

Hania Shirazi says:

oh my God ew ! gross

Parveen Sultana says:

very talented man…..I love this video….. so nice…

Minahil Haroon says:

amazing yarr sooooo gooddd

tanvir reza says:

what do you called it in india??
In Bangladesh we called it "BARA MAJA"…

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