Art of Manliness Podcast #80: Huckberry | The Art of Manliness

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Today I talk with Andy Forch and Richard Greiner, the co-founders of the men’s online store Huckberry. If you’re a business owner or have thought about starting your own business, this podcast is for you. I ask Andy and Rich to share how they bootstrapped a business they started in their apartment and turned it into one of the largest men’s e-commerce stores on the web. As a business that’s in the business of curating men’s lifestyle products, Andy and Rich have seen firsthand what separates a successful men’s product from an unsuccessful one, and what you can do to stand out from the increasingly crowded market of “artisanal” men’s products.

Show Highlights
Where the idea for Huckberry came from
How long it took Andy and Richard to turn their idea into an actual business
How do you start an e-commerce biz when you don’t know anything about retail
What it’s like to go from working from your apartment to having an office and a warehouse and over a dozen employees in four years
How they scored their first big brand to be in their store
Why Andy and Richard chose not to get venture capital and to just bootstrap their biz (and why they continue to refuse offers from investors today)
Why you probably shouldn’t try to start that artisanal men’s leather goods business
And much more!

Show notes:
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