How to Be a Man With Art of Manliness || Louder With Crowder

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This week, Brett McKay of stopped by to discuss what it means to be a man in 2015…

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audiorage82407 says:

At this point, I'm not even surprised when I follow a new content creator and find out Steven's already interviewed them. Great show, great guest

joe z says:

I went to the Web site and clicked on maintaining a bike chain. It was like a six-step process that included removing the chain. Hey! Flip the bike, squirt WD40 as you gently grip the chain with a rag and turn the crank a few times. Repeat with oil. Done. This isn't a site for manliness, it's wussy, hipster wannabe types. Check out Richard Proenneke, buy the videos on Amazon, and nothing on Brett's site will ever seem even remotely manly ever again.

Elijah Farley says:

you should totally interview jack donavan on maniliness as well

xgnyqvoxqs says:

How to Be a Man With Art of Manliness || Louder With Crowder | Paa Solo!

Americanpride555 says:

O my goodness my two favorite YouTube channels made a video! Steven you do some seriously great work man!

Kevin Miranda says:

There's a overarching problem with Brett's site in that it relies heavily on the appeal to nature fallacy, very specific, narrow anecdotal evidence and a "we've always done it this way" attitude. While history is a great tool, it need not be our only tool. There's some useful and helpful articles there, but the bias is strong and clear.

mychinchillaeatsrainbows says:

I wish there were more masculine men nowadays.

Lynette TheMadScientist says:

A real man is a modern paladin; badass and virtuous.

Succ says:

I'm 15, and it is crazy how many of my friends and classmates that I know have openly admitted to watching porn and don't have a second thought. I find it hard to harden your heart that much that you don't have any guilt from it.

ottodude555 says:

Loving the dichotomy here. Notice how Crowder keeps bringing everything back to blaming feminists, while Brett repeatedly says it's not that simple.
Brett is top-tier.

HryPotrFreak says:

I love visiting the Art of Manliness! It's interesting to read about men's issues and the advice given is straight forward and sincere. My favorite section is the style and grooming (shocker I know 😛 ). I wish I could find a "How to be a Lady" site that is just as big that goes beyond fashion. Like a sister site.

childeharold says:

I respect Crowder and McKay for not bringing it up, but the current bent toward not offending gays and transgender males has contributed to an overall dissolution of a standard of manliness. Everything now has to include the term "fluidity" when it comes to gender, sexuality, and sex. It's almost as if these groups had to break down certain molds just so they could be accepted in society. However, they have broken these molds to society's detriment. Things like manliness, gender expression, fatherhood, and sexuality can't be fluid. Young men need a standard with which to be molded by and to aspire to. Pretending that manliness has no meaning, just to accommodate gay males and woman who have adopted a masculine persona is dangerous in the long run for young men and their long term success in society. It's always easy to find the weakest parts of a society. It is where the rules are the most fluid or nonexistent.

l' Américain says:

More Hopper Cam, please. Thank you, sir.

ShotgunWilliesTrailer says:

Blue collar work is the only kind of work I do. Lawn mowing, carpentry, electrical , plumbing, construction, HVAC, auto mechanics, etc.

SteveStronger says:


Montana Man says:

Kind of sad. The truth is that being a man is not "being virtuous in all areas of your life" but take responsibility for what is yours (semen, wife, kids) and get your work done!

Unclenate1000 says:

I should perhaps look into this so that i could learn to not be so frail and effeminate.

Britt Smith says:

Glad to find you did this interview. I have been subscriber to his sight since the beginning. I am 52 now. It reminds me of what my dad was teaching me.

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