How to Break in a Baseball Glove | The Art of Manliness

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Break in your baseball glove with these tips and you’ll have a sweet pocket in no time. FYI: Glove is from Leather Head Sports (

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Benny Miller says:

I work for a major glove company and honestly these are some of the worst ideas possible for a glove.

NinjaCards14 says:

Very good and helpful vid thank you

Kaden Summers says:

what about a regular hammer

Ball is life says:

Step1: kill yourself Step2: play rocket league Step3: throw the glove in the garbage Step4: baricate your room Step5: go to the beach Step 6: sleep Step7: repeat

OctaneWG04 says:

Don't tie the glove up if your and infielder. It will create a deep pocket which makes it hard to find the ball on double plays. Also don't steam the glove it damages the leather

ME Party Squid says:

When you put water on a glove it ruins the leather. Also look at how this dude throws. He looks like he is 5 years old trying to throw

Fight The Clock says:

Lol @ this dudes throwing form.

77714anthony says:

Don't take advice from someone who doesn't know how to properly throw a baseball ?

Dezzi G says:

For anyone complained or criticizing that the water method doesn't work, yes it does. It's called hot water treatment, and it's meant for leather gloves. If your globe isn't real leather, sucks for you. But don't talk crap about the video.

AskAWhiteBoy says:

Water ruins the glove

Lil A says:

If u have a Nokona the hot water will ruin the glove if it's hot enough don't do boiling water gloves are made out of animal skin be smart

LAD Fan says:

Wouldn't the water ruin the laces?

BASEBALL Is Life says:

Putting in a softball and oil it with mink oil and tie it with a belt and put it under my mattress

Drawing Jack says:

Does it work

Wander says:

The disclaimer used here is "this is the way it works for me" and I would like to know how the heck it did? 1st of all you DO NOT get your glove wet to break it in… Major MISTAKE!

Jake Carney says:

This video sucks

jack wilson says:

Your a fucking dumbass you never put water on your glove unless it's raining you dumb fuck

Kaleb Stuckey says:

Shaving cream or baby oil, duct tape a baseball or softball (for bigger pocket) to a stick or bat handle and start smacking! Then, just play catch with it

Art H says:

you just screwed up that bad ass Leather Head

Case Peterson says:

Thank you so much

Colby Phoenix says:

I used to put my glove under my mattress for a few days. I just remember my mom told me to do that to break it in haha.

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