How to Iron Dress Pants | The Art of Manliness

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How to iron dress pants without making them all shiny looking. For detailed text instructions see:


Monty2289 says:

Real talk. The pants already look ironed. What do you do about jeans and khakis that are severely wrinkled.  I haven't used proper technique but you'd figure as long as your creases line up and you run the iron the steam will do its job. My pants are still wrinkled heavily.

144Donn says:

Now I know how to prevent the shinny ….how do I get rid of it if I pushed the iron along (I did) and I detest the shine).


FuuuckOffff says:

Tried this, looks like shit, just get a wife, save you a lot of time learning this shit

CircumcisionIsChildAbuse says:

HOLY FUCK, fuck this im going to the dry cleaners.


Looks like I've been pushing instead of pressing all this time. Good advice. Thank you!

Emphazed says:

Well I have a Toby

Ryan H says:

wow.. i totally had no f-in clue what i was doing all these years…thanks!

Pan Prase says:

Came here after ironing my pants terribly… 😀 but at least good tips for the future.

Kevin Phu says:

you could also put them inside out so even if you leave a shine on the fabric it'll be on the inside and not visible.

City of Stars says:

Man, I wish I learned these life skills in my earlier years :/

Rachel Friedl says:

Some feminists must be offended by the title of this channel. Ha ha.

Eric Lemire says:

very helpful video

Traci Carlin says:

Love this video. I am doing a tutorial on ironing, to help encourage parents to teach their children fundamental life/home skills at an earlier age that 18. Can I post this video on my site?

Layla B says:

I used to iron all my Dad's clothes for work. Keep sexism alive and ask your girlfriend, because we know a thing or two about men's clothes.

gjjd says:

find it ironic that this video by the so-called "Art of Manliness" has cheery, girly-sounding music, a male narrator with feminine intonation, and that their entire website site is run by pussy-whipped guys who look feminine.

Eric Jonas says:

YES! This was so helpful, and actually showed me how to put them in place and set the creases. So many videos skip that and start with perfectly folded pants and some bitch running an iron over them. What if there are barely any creases for me to go off of, how do I fold them, etc. Those videos suck. Thank you for this

BoostFedEg says:

Thank you Brother Hiram!

Subidubidú says:

"How to iron your dress pants without ruining them." I don't know why, nut this made me laugh out loud.

Michael Purser says:

What's the name of the song in the background?

First name And last name says:

I. Got to this vid by searching iron man….

Mike Davis says:

Gotta keep them dress pants right for church!!!

Jackson Critical says:

Omg this guy's voice is like an ambien.

Roberosein Someonesmomovich says:

I would suggest reversing them inside out and ironing them like that, you dont have to worry about shiny stuff at all. My dad thought me this and my pants always look fresh.

B1 says:

I looked this up because I have never iron anything. My family makes the maid do everything. And I have decieced to take things into my own hands and learn.

Katy Diaz says:

Thank you! from now on I will press my husband pants correctly. ☺

Tom Cuming says:

The first step is to get a good iron. 

Ricardo Tejeda says:

Thanks for all of your tips, man. They are really helpful!

B S says:

I wouldn't iron dress trousers no more than I'd iron a suit jacket. You're asking for trouble.

gold coin says:

Good point about ironing the pockets from the inside.

zhmmovies says:

How about how to change a fire alarm's battery?

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