How to Make Small Talk With Strangers | The Art of Manliness

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Learn how to make small talk with strangers. Read a more detailed guide here:

Filmed and Directed by Jordan Crowder

James Creque
Josh Duvendeck
Alissa Garcia
Lacy Prince
Micah Sudduth


Shinobi Wolf says:

At least this video gave a little structure and substance to something l've never really had explained to me and had to pick up on my own. But that doesn't make it any less difficult for a shy introverted person like me.

Mycal James says:

okay let's be honest who is here just to get some puss. I mean two guys just talking the conversation could never end but, a guy talking to a female requires some skills example: Is that a Prada bag too 3 years down the line "I hate you I wish I never talk to you at that bus stop"

Nick Nielsen says:

The real question here is whether or not his moustache is real?

Angelols says:

I noticed you have a stache do you have candy?

Alex Daley says:

are you assuming my gender?

The_a_destoyer Vlogs says:

I noticed you have eyes can you see

Moritz Groß says:

I wouldnt want to talk to anybody who buys an iphone

Sesquipedaliofobia says:

4:38 I'm sorry but these are cringy questions

7033Joe says:

I have a habit of responding with "Huh?" after someone begins to speak or verbally replies to me, as if I didn't understand them. Although I did. I mumble and stutter at times.

crossrodde says:

I don't get it, I ask dozens of strangers everyday if they will be my friend and its always really awkward. What am I doing wrong

Rory Horgan says:

i found myself doing some of these over the past year on my own 😛 its good to k ow those are good things to have in a conversation :P

troll gai says:

subbing cuz I LOVE that mustache for some reason

Village Idiot says:

"I noticed you're wearing a blue dress. Do you have something against the Bloods?"

MrAndrewrock says:

I noticed you're wearing a choker, are you into BDSM?

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