How to Split Wood | The Art of Manliness

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Splitting wood gets your wood ready for burning and provides a great workout. Here’s how to do it.


Brulserz says:

You waste a lot of energy that way.

Victor Chong says:

Reminds me of buffed up lumberjacks back in the day, unlike overweight people with machines

Truth Teller says:

its not manly to wear pink

Tom B says:

Great video thanks

Matti Meikäläinen says:

Make sure you spread your legs wide if you like your big toe :)

Kellen Mills says:

This is the video that helped me discover your channel!

Renegade Maine says:

I'm a Maine woodsman who splits a lot of wood every year. I grew up with wood heat and have been around wood cutting my whole life. I'm glad you made this video but I strongly disagree with your maul handling. I highly recommend that people do not swing the maul as demonstrated in this video. If you're going to split a lot of wood (as in 3+ cord), use the maul like a dead fall. His hand placement is correct and the stance is correct, but lift the maul straight up into the air and never allow the wedge to go behind your head. You'll wear yourself out quickly and end up harming yourself swinging it long term as demonstrated in this video.

That's my .02 cents.

ZEROgringo says:

well shit crazy Russian hacker just hacked the way to chop wood

Wayne Schlotfeldt says:

I am at a loss for words. Not trying to be a jerk but are there a lot of guys who don't know how to do this?

I heat my home with wood and all of it is split by hand.

The comments here have a ton of mis-information. The video is ok for a beginner I guess but I really think your upswing is useless.

Don't spend energy or lose your balance on a fast up swing. it's only the downswing that counts. Take it from someone that does some serious wood splitting.

Marc Griffin says:

this is nice video, but if you are man, you dont wear safety glasses while chopping wood

Chance Chapadeau says:

Great little video. However, it's very important to talk about wood placement on the base log prior to splitting. The manner in which the log is place in the video is very dangerous. Always place the piece of wood that you will be splitting on the far side of the base log. That way, if you miss, your splitting wedge will go in to the base log and not in to your leg.

Ben Roi says:

Splitting wood is an art now… Jesus God and baby Jesus fucking Christ what is this world coming to?

مختار ابوالقاسم says:


Marc says:

Better yet put a bunch of logs together and wrap with bungee cords or place them all in a large old tire.  Then you can rapidly split the wood without all of the pieces falling off of your staging area.  There are a lot of great videos on this method.  It saves a ton of time.

Darragh O'Keeffe says:

Get wood – get axe – grow balls – split wood.

Am I missing anything?

Best Survival Tips says:

Great video, useful tips on chopping techniques! 

Alex Nguyen says:

I recommend learning how to split with a felling axe. Learning to twist the axe upon initial contact to drive the wood apart. About 1 hour of practice and I got the hang of it. It's an awesome feeling. 

David McMullen says:

Great video Brett. Pay no attention to all the kanuckleheads posting on here. There are those of us who purely appreciate what you do. Thanks for the knowledge you share.

ZeaMoore4 says:

A much safer way to do it is to lay down your stump on the side and place the log between your legs tight up to the stump. Hold your axe with one hand close to the head, and one hand at the end. This way, if the axe glides of the wood. It will not hit your chin straight on, but only glance of or miss completely. This is the way true lumberjacks doe it here at least. Never had a injury so far. Of course, we Do like the more heavy axe as weight will replace your need for force and increase control. 

marie peters says:

If you split wood with a hammer only, (yes, it's possible) is it manly or stupidity?

AutismSquared says:

Horribly mushroomed maul, fiberglass handle, no aim. Here we have a lumbersexual teaching us to split wood…

Seriously, this is awful on literally every level.

Benjamin Upham says:

You actually don't even need to swing the maul BEHIND your head. All you need to do is let gravity do the work and swing the maul from ABOVE your head. You're really just wasting energy if you start from behind.

lobbiester says:

Sorry but when you have split the wood at least once, you do not need to use nearly as much force. When you have to split hundreds of logs in a day it's more a matter of conserving energy and not exhausting your body. Depending on the wood you're splitting you won't necessarily have to use a maul, but can use something as simple as a Fiskars x17 splitter.
On top of this, a very good tip is if you do hit the log and your maul gets stuck, you lift the maul with the log (If possible of course, again don't wear out yourself) and hit it on the flat side, the log will usually split itself upon your maul. 

Matt Greff says:

Hey Brett, I know I don't live up near you but maybe you can give me an idea. Where do you get whole logs to split? I'm having a hard time finding it; only split wood for sale anywhere near me – Houston, TX area. Thanks!

goombakiwi says:

Safety first: grind the mushroom off the splitting maul and wedge. They are at a point of excessive.

FishFind3000 says:

I too know that saying by Henry Ford.

Pandelea Razvan says:

You need a little more practice, my friend. But great video… Great advice and all true! Noroc bun!

Taylor Roark says:

Hey Brett, another cool idea would be showing men how to use different types of mowers. Riding mowers, z mowers, push mowers etc. just putting it out there as an idea! 

SceaRd says:

I'd say it's really helps when you imagine yourself not only hitting the log, but striking through it. 

Dana “OG Picker” Bostick says:

Actually, If you heat with wood and warms you a lot more times than twice. If you actually go into the woods and cut down trees like I used to do it's even more. I used to burn 5 cords of wood a year. 1. Splitting the wood. 2. Stacking the wood. 3. Hauling the wood into the house. 4. Burning the wood. 5. Hauling out the ashes.

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