How to Tie a Bow Tie | The Art of Manliness

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In this week’s video, Brett McKay will show you how to tie a gentleman’s bow tie.

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Tomy LOdVG says:

Thanks fellow :)

Kaz Fleszar says:

I will never have any place to go that warrents a bow tie maybe buy one just to look in the mirror once.

Anggie Angel says:


William Cavanaugh says:

Dad's best advice: "Never trust a man in a bowtie."

Matthew Redmond says:

Revisited this after many years. Amazing

Curtis A.R says:

I lit my bow-tie on fire cause I said " fuck it" .

J. Baird says:

"Oh, would you look at the time…"

No fucking watch on wrist

Cue slow applause.

mdbrfc says:

Rushed and got me lost

James Walters says:

Pro-tip: Once you've finished the knot, there are two sides: one with the loose end in front of the folded loop, and one with the folded loop in front of the loose end. On the side where the folded loop is in front of the loose end (should be your left side), take a bobby pin and slip it over the loose end and the back part of the folded loop. If you've done it right, the front of the folded loop should conceal the bobby pin, and the bobby pin will help hold your tie together for the rest of the day. I do this especially when attending events to keep my tie looking crisp and sharp.

Mr Gravity falls says:

This was the only one that worked for me

Josh says:

Why am I watching this? I don't even own a bow tie lmao

Lilly Schmid says:

your help covnts. hk, redundant tasteful what's happening..

DrOakley1689 says:

Well done. I will refer folks to this one. Many thanks.

Samuel Logan Hazel says:

I knew you would have a video on this, so I bought a bow-tie yesterday. Thanks, McKays!

Jaime Cruz-Morales says:

Video got you a new subscriber! Great Job!

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