Interview With Frank Slane — WWII Glider Pilot | The Art of Manliness

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Over 70 years ago Frank Slane guided a glider into Germany during Operation Varsity– the largest airborne operation in history on a single day and in a single location. Frank recounts his war experience, as well as his life before and after his service, and provides a bit of advice for young men today.


dgreenspino says:

Beautiful ending

Jamesthacoolcat99 says:

This is hardcore. Total respect.

Billy Strickland says:

this man saw the depression, pearl harbor, ww2, korea, Vietnam, 9/11, oef and oif. one hell of a niography that would make

Izzak Beck says:

This was really great to see, I would love to see more videos like this.

Tony Cuellar says:

Bret, I've had the honor and privilege of flying a WWII glider pilot on his last flight. He was 93 years old and his daughter came to the flight school where I was working and asked if I would give her father one last flight. I agreed and we sat and talked for a while and he told me his flight experiences and were not unlike Mr. Slane's. One of his last flights as a glider pilot ended in "a hard landing" (crash) when a Colonel asked to have his jeep put on the glider overloading it by 500lbs. He laughed about it because the flight crew had to help unload the jeep that ended up with 4 flat tires!!! When we flew, he asked to take the controls and I obliged. He was a bit rusty but I knew he just "fit" in the aircraft. After our flight he asked me to signed his log book and he pulled out his Army Air Corps logbook dated 1941 (when he started flying) and I signed it (almost couldn't read my signature due to the tears in my eyes while I was signing it). I couldn't express the honor I felt to have him ask that I sign such a historic document. I then asked if he would sign my logbook. I can't remember if he finally did, I'll have to check. I have his and one other WWII pilots' final flight logged in my logbook and now it is a very cherished possession. The Greatest Generation got its name on the shoulders of these real men and I admire and have come to love them and all service men and women that literally offered their lives to the service of others (my Grandfather, Father, Brother and uncles as well). I am a big fan of your website!!

fuyu zou says:

these old veterans are leaving the world. maybe we cannot save their lives, but we can save their stories.

Riley Budd says:

"Love the country even if the country is wrong. It's our country" beautiful, much thanks to all of our veterans for everything they have given us.

1nnu3ndo says:

I hope he is doing well. Thank you Mr. Slane for all that you did for us in Europe. As Europeans we owe so much to the brave men and women of his generation. Thank you very much indeed.

João Silva says:

This is great, good to have a record of these stories for younger generations.

Rich D says:

11:48 "You try to set an example…" What? He IS the example.

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