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CreedLake says:

I wish you get kicked off of YouTube because everything that comes out of your mouth is garbage

Patrik Fridén says:

Sometimes they do portray the "godly" people as "manly", as corrupt hypocrites; as pedophiles, as whoremongers, drinkers and extortioners.
Like fake priests usually, usually of the Roman-Catholic denomination.

And concerning long hair, what about Samson and the nazirites?

Norman Bristow says:

chrome plated bollocks

MandragGanon says:

Pastor gives sermon saying that bullies and womanizers aren't real men.

Sodomites come out of the wood work to persecute him and his message.

Sodomites show their true colors here.

Niall Bieber says:

Says bullying "isn't manly" but, bullies random people, mocks people with disabilities and calls people names…

Copper Vann says:

If you want your brain to get fucked with, join a religion.

David Keller says:

Good words. I wish you were strong about keeping God's commandment of the 7th day Sabbath like He said.

cj0e says:

"someone who pushes people around and beats others down,  isn't manly"    Does he listen to what he says… he constantly belittles others, especially gays..   Does that make him manly… No.. by his own words.


Talk about a breath of fresh air. I'm sick of this country full of liberal lemmings marching towards their own destruction.

Bill Bushey says:

It’s hard to believe that people can vilify something as simple as manliness and yet, here we are in 2016 where nobody seems to know what the hell anybody is anymore, so when someone comes along and reminds people what masculinity is, people crap all over him.

Masculinity and femininity are hardly difficult ideas to grasp… and while the left will hate all over this video and all over the very idea of “pigeonholing” people into these two categories, it’s precisely how God created us. Even straight women who support the liberal left and bash the idea of telling a man he should behave like a man will invariably gravitate towards a masculine man.

Same thing goes for us fellas. We want authentic, feminine women; not these butch, buzzcut, steel-toed boot-wearing people you can only tell are female by examining their chromosomes. My dad would have kicked the sh*t out of me if I ever acted like a fruitcake anywhere… and he’d have been right to do so. Teach your daughters how to be feminine and your sons how to be masculine and common sense will do the rest.

Let your boys wear make-up at the age of nine and you’re just inviting confusion into their lives.

Dimensions says:

Horrible videos as always. Avoid this guys at all cost.

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