RAW DENIM: An Introduction to Raw Denim | The Art of Manliness

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DYER & JENKINS Co-Founder, Josey Orr, gives us a primer on the world of Raw Denim.


Read our in-depth guide to raw denim here: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/04/22/raw-selvedge-denim-introduction/


Questchaun says:

Get you some raw denim from this ass hat for fucking 190 bucks. or a pair of levis for half that.

shame art of manliness shame!

Otie Jason says:

All this dumb marketing now. It's always the same thing now… "It fades so it tells YOUR story overtime." Not everyone cuffs their jeans. You can only do that without looking like a hipster if you are short.

Sudev Sen says:

wearing pants is manly

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

Always raw and never wash. Japanese denim is the best quality.

Tyler Durden says:

Basically if you don't buy raw denim you cant really call yourself a man.

Tyler Durden says:

Well slap my dick and call me sally

skemsaren says:

I have two pair of new with tags naked and famous jeans size 27 I want to sell or switch for a pair of Petit standards size 27. One pair is Weird Guy and the other pair is Skinny Guy, both is unsanforized. PM me.

senoB says:

so raw denim is basically old-school denim, the way it used to be made. no predistressed, no artificial wear-and-tear, and dyed with older dyes….

shoot, been wearing that my whole life, never knew it was fashionable hahaha.

mkg1321 says:

This is so incredibly stupid. I wonder if the guy talking in this vid actually believes this crap

LiqCharles says:

can you turn regular jeans into selvedged jeans

Rhys Mcgreal says:

Deniem storr maria

roosterbasher says:

Since I am not gonna wash the jeans, the fabric is gonna stretch with use. So should I get the jeans a number smaller, so the initial fit is tight instead of just right? And by wearing them, I allow for the fabric to stretch, there by giving me a better fit?
Am I on the right track or have I mist something?

chi9ja says:

what i wanna know is what is that sewing machine he's using

xbradx11 says:

wtf u dont wash ur jeans lol that is so fuckin nasty an gross!!! i work out side an that wold be so gross ur all sik if u dont wash jeans

12012channel says:

If I were to buy raw denim and wash it right away will it be more saturated and vivid looking than if i were to buy regular or pre-washed jeans?Since it is not washed right after dyeing .Would the dye be able to settle in more making it harder to wash out the ink?I know this goes against everything raw denim enthusiast go for but I want my jeans to look clean, vivid and with  luster with no distress,fades or ripples or at least as little has possible.So basically the opposite of vintage.Would it be better to buy darker pre-washed jeans?

Jaime Ortigoza says:

is that ragnar from vikings? srs

Ian Malcolm says:

I recently bought jeans and a few shirts from these guys and the customer service I received was absolutely amazing. Also the jeans and the shirts both look great and have a beautiful simple and classic/clean look. Highly recommend supporting these guys. 

bestfrogs247 says:

Thank you for posting  the video!

denimoholic says:

cool video,  cheers !  Let me know if we could do some project together   

Aaron Verdugo says:

I have one question, Ive heard that when you but raw denim you have to not wash them for a very long time. Is this true? 

WhoChrisLiu says:

I didnt know Ragnar Lodbrok made jeans! =D =D =D

Sermed-Marcel Jaber says:

fuck! it´s ragnar lothbrok!

Emily Martindale says:

Hipster comments aside. Id buy these for the shear fact that they are usa made. Even levis are made in egypt or china these days.

Dan Johnson says:

Hipster logic 101. Don't buy faded jeans, buy these expensive hard to maintain jeans and wear them every day for 2 years until they fade. 

kumasuke1 says:

came for the jeans.. stayed for the beard… awesome!

BeingRomans829ed says:

My son had to stop buying Levi's because the back pockets kept wearing out at the top corner and ripping downwards, causing big ripout holes in the seat. Didn't take long before this happened. Only happened with Levi's. Other brands wore normally.
Guess Levi's don't make 'em like they used to.

dmv073 says:

Great video! ! I can't wait to go online and check out the jeans.

JohnnySins says:

I thought I subscribed to The art of Manliness, not the art of hipsterness

Michael G says:

I really like the concept of raw denim, but it's hard to find a pair that fits when you're short with large thighs. The only luck I've had is with AG Jeans. 

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