The Importance of Roughhousing | Art of Manliness

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Why you should roughhouse with your kids and some of my son’s favorite roughhouse moves.

Read the article that inspired the video:


knowledgeisthepower1 says:

My dad tombstone pildriver me and now i'm in a wheelchair 4 life

Isaac McDaniel says:

Just don't break your kid like my dad broke me

Dreamcast says:

Dude you seem like the greatest father of all time

VvultasS says:

I used to do this SO much with my dad and brothers when I was little.

SirMarcutiotheCat says:

I'm glad you're not trying to us that rough housing ia only for boy children.

TheNamesDitto says:

now this is a channel I will keep coming back to

Mijren Salvador says:

This video makes me so happy.

Mein Teil says:

This is great advice. More ppl should do this. Everycritter in the animal roughhouses. Great training.

Paul Cuneo says:

LOVE THIS! Nowadays it feels like you've got to have the facts and science backing you up for things you just know intuitively are great, so I really appreciate that you did the research. Now if any home visitors protest, I can point them here and say Neener-neener, my kids are awesome because we do this. Both my boy and girl!

SpitshineSneakers says:

So next time I see a spoiled brat, I can tell their parents that they didn't suplex them enough.

Jef Vrijders says:

I like this video(s).
Could you also make one about the things a father should teach his son/daughter? I would really like to hear your toughts on that topic.

Tyler Blevins says:

That was beautiful! You never see this on TV anymore! Haha.

Iulia Blaga says:

I wish i had a dad like you…
Keep being awesome!

Jeff Watkins says:

This video gets a like from the opening alone!

gottster rhymes says:

i hit by brothers with the f-5

Ethan Porter says:

dat 'stache doh

Omar Raymundo says:

Dad's rock !!!

AccurateOG says:

Video make me not want to pullout! Great Vid!

Fish Fish says:

What 33 pussies disliked this video??

Syed Shamiun says:

Mom: dont do rough housing
Kid: K
and gets adhd

Daniel Baerentsen says:

I do that all the time with my daughter – as my dad did with me. Was beginning to think it was not normal or healthy. Great to know it is ok.

Steve Penisman says:

women will never understand the importance of roughhousing

IVMofficial says:

I have no father… this video made me cry so hard that I`m so fucking determined to be a real FATHER!

Vector Nuke says:

Art of Manliness is bringing back the lost sense of boy- and manhood that's so important to us. This channel is quickly becoming my favorite channel out there, it really encourages me to live a good, healthy life. Honestly, Art of Manliness made me a lot happier as a person.

Viktor Vaughn says:

This video makes me want to shoot myself.

MrInconspicuous says:

I have learned a lot from what this guy is SAIYAN ;D

FiKiNiOLKA says:

you're great!

Bryan Henry says:

Honestly my dad tried playing with me as a child via rough housing. He tried many of the things in this video but I wouldn't have any of it as a child. I am just wonder what if you have kid that was like me who didn't like rough housing. I was much more into just drawing or whatever.

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