3 Signs He’s Flirting and NOT Just Being “Nice”

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Is he flirting or is he just being nice to you? Learn the 3 biggest signs that a man is flirting with you so that you don’t miss out!

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Quick quiz, pick the answer that definitely means a guy is flirting with you:

A.  A guy tells you he thinks you’re funny.
B.  A guy tells you he likes your eyes.
C.  A guy speaks to you with a calm, quiet confidence.

All of these can feel like flirting, but only one of them definitely is.

It can be hard to tell sometimes.

Cosmo likes to give you advice that makes it seem like flirting is always obvious, but the truth is…

… well …

… it’s more complicated.

Watch this video to find out 3 clear signs he’s flirting with you (and not just being nice).

When you can clearly pick up the signs that he’s flirting, you’ll have the confidence to flirt back…

… and from there you’re off to the races.

Your Coach,

P.S. The answer was B.

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Summary –

One of the most difficult components of finding love is knowing how someone actually feels about you…

… especially early on when you’re meeting new people.

There’s a ton of evidence out there that shows men tend to over-perceive sexual interest from women…

… while women tend to under-perceive sexual interest from men.

This is why a lot of women ask me if I can help them figure out, “Is he flirting with me?”

Well yes.

Yes I can.

3 Signs He’s Flirting With You:

1. If You’re a Woman, and You Think a Guy’s Flirting, Then He’s Probably Flirting

When you’re getting out there and meeting new people, it’s important to start listening to your gut more.

Your brain will play tricks on you.

It has a way of inserting your insecurities into a situation that shouldn’t be there.

When you meet someone and you get that feeling that he’s flirting with you, then it’s probably true.

Be confident that he would want a woman like you, and don’t doubt yourself.

2. He Compliments You on Something Physical

This might be tough advice for some of you women to stomach, but it’s true.

Men are almost always initially drawn to a woman physically.

Then, as time goes on, the emotional attraction develops and we decide that we want something more than just sex.

So often, when a guy’s initially interested in you, he has nothing else to say or to think about other than how beautiful you are.

It’s less of a problem of men being disgusting pigs and more of a problem of men being unoriginal.

3. He Acts Nervous or Awkward When He’s Talking to You

I think a lot of women give men way too much credit when it comes to flirting.

Most guys suck at flirting.

And when we do it, we usually fumble around a lot, especially when we really like you.

It’s frustrating because so much dating advice out there for women assumes that men are actually good at flirting.

I hear so many dating experts say things like, “If he likes you, he’ll confidently approach you, lightly touch your hair, and ask you out as if you were the only woman in the room.”

But the reality is, 90% of guys are not that smooth.

If a guy is being friendly, he’s not going to be nervous or fumbling around, he’s just being friendly with you.

But if he is flirting, he’ll usually be fumbling around with his words, or being awkward…

… and that’s okay.

Have you ever seen any of these signs of men flirting? How’d it go? Comment below to share with this amazing community.

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Jayati Das says:

Someone I know would never miss talking to me and flutter his eye lids crazily when I talk to him. Lol.Adorable isn't it?

Aaron Thompson says:

Ladies Are Having Success Knowing His Secret Obsession With This… https://waa.ai/zZj8

KRYMauL says:

I'm just a flirt, but I don't really care

cannow says:

Idk the first thing about dating. I'll just start on that.. i've never had a boyfriend, and i've hardly thought about it.. until now. So i asked my friend some signs if he likes me, and he told me that leg touching is supposed to be a big one.. so this whole time has he been flirting with me and i was too dumb to realize it? 🤦‍♀️

Mariangeles Sanhá says:

A guy at work complimented my handwriting on the first day, laughed at my unfunny jokes and helped me clean my establishment. But this was the first day so I thought it's probably just being nice.

Then he came into my establishment to ask for stuff and I thought that's normal because we all get along and he does that with the others.

So I am very confused which is why I find it hard to keep male friends. I never understand if it's flirting or being nice.

Sheena Dever says:

Could I message you privately

mr. steel says:

He’s right I do all of those things

KMW says:

How a beta flirts

Lakita Butler says:


Emily Greene says:

Bogus advice. I have found that not all guys who give physical compliments are flirting. Sometimes, they are just trying to be polite or courteous.

Feline Fatale says:

They're just being nice. I'd rather you don't bother me at all.

Lydia-Renee Anderson says:

That wig tho

Weilin Tan says:

He was blinking non-stop 😂 It is so cute

Janet White says:

Going through it now at work. When we are having a work conversation, he keeps looking at the wall. I catch him looking often. He teases me, but also shares really intimate things about his life and family. Also, at a team party, a female coworker tried to get him to admit to having a girlfriend, but he said nothing just stared at her. Finally she said a woman you see frequently and he said yes. At the same party, he invited his daughter and she introduced herself to me. I had a new friend for the next 45 mins. or so. I’ve been on this team for nearly a year. I’m pretty sure nothing will ever happen. I struggle with wanting the flirting to end and fear I’ll miss it at the same time. What should I do?

Nabila Nanou says:

He said I have a beautiful nails what the hell!!!

Annie Tolo says:

I am not sure if he was nice or if he was flirting? So i asked for coffee and he was happy too but was he being nice?

SIRiMAC says:

This is awesome!! Thank you for sharing!

LPS Wildcats16 says:

I've liked this guy for over 2 years now and i'm not sure he wants to keep his feelings to himself…he already told me he only likes me as a friend but I don't think its true: would a friend stare at you for a very I mean A VERY long time when you 2 are chatting. Would a friend smile whenever he sees you. Would a friend always start the conversation. I really don't think so plus one of my friends asked me if I liked back when me and him were still talking and I said no because I wanted to keep it a secret and then she tells me he likes me and we should date. Now idk is she was playing around or being serious but when I texted him my feelings on ig (Instagram) he was pretty flirty and after I told him my feelings he like started showing off but yet he said he only "likes" me as a friend :/. so does he like me or not I've been dying to know

Puppet Master says:

I must be a different kind of female, because I can't stop fantasizing about sleeping with a man that I am interested in right away to, and I have to be physically attracted. I do not date a man because he has a good heart, good traits ect….that dosen't matter at first. If I can't picture myself with him in a sexual way, I am not interested. There is no point of having a relationship if it wasn't for sex. Gotta have good sex first. This is why I am really annoyed when someone who I am not physically attracted to tries to flirt with me and chase me when I show signs I am not interested. It is like they think that if they act nicer or give me more compliments that is going to change something. For some women …yes. But for the women that aren't like that it is annoying as hell.


yeah there's this boy i know. he goes to my school AND my church so i see him 2 times a week…. he acts akward around me or we'll have like moments where we just stare at each other for a few minutes… he's always touching me or poking me….all close standing by me…. and always joking around with me

Shelby Slayton says:

This guy that I've talked to at work he acts really nervous when I'm working with him and he don't always look right at me. I think it's cute when men blush and act shy. I don't know why.

Awkward but awesome 44 says:

I’m still not sure if he’s flirting

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