8 Things That Guys Test a Woman For (and how to pass them)

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8 Things That Guys Test a Woman For (and how to pass them)

1.level of neediness: Nothing makes a guy lose interest more than insecurity, or neediness. Guys area always looking out for needy women to either run away from or control. If you notice that you keep getting in the wrong relationship or losing the guys prematurely, most likely is because of neediness. Learn to dis-identitfy from your neediness by becoming present of it. The more present you become, the less needy you’ll be.

2.the type of relationship you want to have: Most guys are open to whatever type of relationship arises. But the problem is that guys don’t want to feel forced. Most women that want a relationship will try to force it by directly stating what they want. Instead, learn to disguise it. If you want a relationship, show interest, but externally friend zone him. Make him feel like he has to earn the relationship status. Talk about other guys who you were in a relationship and talk about how difficult it is for you to find a guy you really like. This will present to him a challenge that he’ll try to overcome.

3.your sexual promiscuity: Most guys are trying to gauge whether or not the girl he’s talking to is a thot. So the best thing to do is that if you’re sexually promiscuous is to disguise it. Don’t be overly sexual if you’re a sexual woman. Have an air of innocence as your front. Have a little girl quality to you that will give the perfect contrast once he figures out that you’re a freak. This contrast will provide you with the necessary padding to show your aggressive sexual nature.

4.your level of self respect: Guys will test your level of self respect in subtle ways. So the best thing to do is to have pre disposed boundaries that you will and will not accept. The more a guy senses that you have high level of respect the more attracted he’s going to become.

5.Her level of compliance: A man will see how much you’re willing to do without protest. Have predisposed values so that you don’t become a yes woman who’s constantly doing everything for her man.

6.If you actually like them: guys are insecure, and they are always afraid of rejection. So learn to show that you like them by validating them. Encourage him to chase by rewarding his efforts. Don’t be afraid to show that you like them. As long as you mix hot and cold, he’ll stay interested even when you show interest.

7.if they can get without having to give back: Men want an easy time. Men want you to invest without them having to invest. Don’t let him get away with that. Make him work for your attention. Make him work for what you give to him. Learn to give as a reward from time to time. Be timely. Don’t just reward for no reason.

8.If you have other options: It’s important to have other options in order to make a guy appreciate you more. It increases your value as a woman because you have other men wanting you. Show that you have friends and other social groups outside of him. Whenever he knows you are dependent on him, it fuels men. Take that away by making him feel and see that you have support. This will take away power from him and back to you. Men who know that they’re the sole provider and source of positive emotions become corrupted. Avoid this by surrounding yourself with a strong support system. This will also instill fear of losing you which will also increase your value as a woman


M.A. 2.0 says:

Want 1:1 coaching? go to Mindfulattraction.org/inner-game-coaching
Want to attend my Live L.A. Seminar? https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mindful-attraction-transformational-seminar-tickets-35831865073

Susan Tompkins says:

love your videos, advice

Joann Delatorre says:

So how long is long enough to have sex with a guy, so he don't think your easy?

Pamela Bergner says:

?? guys who are narcissists need external validation. not all are…

Lonje Marie says:

I think in the very beginning you should state with the man exactly what you're looking for ,are you looking for a quick fix ,a long-term relationship ,possibly marriage, no it may not necessarily be with him ,but definitely with a man I think you should state your intentions right away if his intentions match up with yours if he's honest and he's NOT lying ,then you won't run him off,some of it seems like the person is trying to play games and to be manipulative ,and to be deceptive I don't believe in deception or dishonesty or manipulation

Natalie Tsu says:

LOVE that you keep this real, bruh! thanks so much for making this!!

ojke ojke says:

basically pretend all the time and man will be interested in you.
prove man never give up

J P says:

You kept me smiling , and your right ! And being a woman again is a tediously beautiful job ! I use to cry a lotl,lol , that kept my boyfriend , and #10 is spot on , good job

samantha wilson says:

number 2 is bad advice, friend zone him, talk about other guys? Yeah bad advice. Is a thot? What is that? Stating what you want is not forcing it/

itsniquenique45 says:

Alex when are you gonna cover how quickly (or slowly) to start having sex while keeping a guy interested throughout? Edit: nvm

Valerie Breda says:

The game of we're friends, but showing signs of liking the guy is NOT mystery; it's manipulation.

vki mac naught says:

Men, listen up!!! A mature person will respect another regardless of the other one's self respect…there is NO reason for a person to USE another… where is That person's Own respect, and Own Self-respect..? Why to go through this "game", .. look at this honesty.
{ The word 'honesty' is the word intended here… but, one can put and consider the word "honestly" here, as well }.

Carrie Hubbard says:

Funny as Hell!

Lucaria says:

The second point makes things sound like relationships are some kind of game, which might be true for some people but certainly doesn't apply to me or people who take things very seriously. I understand and agree that you should be careful and not be to pushy or strict in the beginning, but why should you play games? Why should a guy feel compelled to pursue you because he sees you as a ''challenge'' or a ''puzzle'' that needs to be solved instead of pursuing you out of love and a desire to have you as his companion, specially as time moves on? Why would anyone want to date a guy who got into the relationship just to VALIDATE HIMSELF and not out of curiosity, hope and affection? And even then, what happens once he GETS into the relationship and receives that validation? Will the game playing have to start again? Will he lose interest or get lazy? I don't feel like playing games like that is or SHOULD be a good way of getting into and mantaining a serious relationship.

ROHAN says:

haha first time i have seen a video where I am agreeing with some things and disagreeing with somethings as a guy. the part where Alex where said that you have to disguise your sexual promiscuity with an innocent face may not be a surprise to guys since it's known to us that the most innocent girl is the most freakish in the bed while the overly sexual girl won't fuck a guy since she's getting enough male attention. as far as the relationship part is concerned, maybe playing the friendzone card might backfire since if a guy finds another who is not confusing him as a friend will get him.
anyways, this was my two cents and the parts where I thought the advice was not totally correct/applicable in all situations.

Sheena Ponce says:

stephen curry look alike ???

krysty kava says:

hahaha ha guys….time to become real men ! ! ! I do all against what they expect and they reject me – that's a sign to me, they are not my kind. I like EVOLVED MEN.

Rebekka Spiller says:

Haha omg. I failed all the tests. Damn. lol.

tna33311 says:

Thanks for the advice man… You're awesome!

Le Bleu says:

And you hair looks nice 😉

Le Bleu says:

Hi 5 on this 1 Alex!

Young Keef says:

I find video like this stupid. Not all man and women are the same this won't work on all men

Regina Barral says:

who could translate this video in german!!????

Regina Barral says:

who could translate this video in german!!????

FairyFederation says:

this guy told me that guys want to sleep with the girl first and if they match well in bed, they want a relationship. wtf? are you serious. I think he was just lying to get me in bed. Shouldnt you get to know each other first before sleeping with each other because if you hookup too fast it is just sex and not an emotional thing.

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