Black Men ~ BETWEEN THE LEGS Of White Women

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As interracial dating increases and becomes more acceptable, Black men’s chances of finding suitable mates within their own community are decreasing. White women are losing interest in White men. Black men and White women may be on a collision course.



GK The SiGMA MALΣ says:


men going his own way to freedom says:


Miz Akita says:

Can't believe I just wasted a click on this foolery… Black women are reincarnated white women? WTH


videos I made and edited me and my black and Filipina family

Drägana 1991 says:

I love your videos, they always make me think

Henry Henshaw III says:

You continue to impress, my man GK!

Daniel Porter says:

yah said he would put emity between the bw and bm but he said these things would come upon us and if would return to him he would save us now look what he said when these things happen to us mean we would know what the problem is and we would have the knowledge to correct our selfs but the baw refuse to repent even knowing the problem is on her part which makes her evil

Austin the Quant says:

7:57 who is the baby boomer?

skinfan jay says:

Black women love to compete against us brothers but why though???

sean leonard says:

I disagree brother . Sisters are and will always be #1. Furthermore men are men's enemy . We are to lead and to lead we need both balls and a heart . Fact is most men only want to have 1 or the other . Except in the view of others . She is not you have a warped mind to think such a thing . Black women are what black men allow them to become . She mirrors the man . Made in his image . So black men stand up ! Some of your claims are just petty . Your language shows you are a hood minded guy who self educated himself via his small view from his hood envoirment . Wrong !!!! And the repeat is poorly placed . It repeats some of your weakest points. In conclusion black men take responsibility for the condition of your women do a better job at leading your race to Victory.

Aaron Farris says:

Yo GK I swear I was thinking about this very subject today while jogging. Yea it's millions of AAW but most of them are undesirables.

whfmantis says:

12:28 👆🏾lol!! Great picture

Yo Son says:

Black A fucking mess.

cortez smith says:

i always say black women look possessed. look at their demonic eyes. most black women LITERALLY look like Lucifer / the BAPHOMET with all the tattoos, piecings, and arched eyebrows etc.

Phillip Mcdougald says:

Wow I can see most of the problems up front you speak of, the reincarnation part kind of lost me. However I know there is truth to the scenario to a degree. Because I know from first hand exp when a black woman's terms are not met what they are capable of and how they will stop at nothing to the black man is destroyed.

Concerning Violence says:

You BM are the sole reason why there are so many bw who are w/ children and don't meet your standards. Let's be truthful o.k bc nothing will be solved from telling lies.
Is it true or not that bm pursue bw for dating/ sex?
If true, then how do you BM expect to find a bw w/o baggage when your goals are to have sex with as many women as possible? It's completely backwards. None of you are virgins past the age of 15, some of you younger. So how on Earth are you expecting to find virgins, when your whoring them out? So what if woman accept, their obviously not intelligent enough to understand the consequences of having sex. So why not be good and moral leaders so your women will follow and not take advantage. Bc ya'll already know that most of you will leave. Bw by and large usually give in to having relations when the men ask. If BM told bw to wait till marriage then you would end all of your female problems bc each man would have their own woman. So keep complaining about the mess you made. I have no problem with BM correcting bw, but your not looking at the cause of these problems. Stop trying to have sex with bw who your not married to and I guarantee you oow child births would drop. Go to those weave tutorials and tell the bw there to stop wearing weaves and I guarantee you weaves will go down. Also stop dating and uplifting woman with non-bw hair and bw will wear their natural hair bc that's what their men are showing/not telling them they want. So reflect on yourselves and make changes to yourself, bc at the end of the day, BM are still the ones getting killed by wp, and bashing us will not stop it. It will only increase it bc real men look down on other men who are weak and degrade their own. Other races have pride in their heritage even when their wrong, but you BM don't.

raglyph says:

The white women have gone down the drain. Most white guys are goimg to asia now. We dont want their single mom, drug addict and obese left overs. Brothers get your passports!

MEN LOVE says:

Once again good video bro it's been a while but yes they think it's a disc they are over masculine too much testosterone but the interesting fact is all that testosterone level goes down when they're dating a white guy

Mars Lovejoy says:

Or the scariest theory which is: there's no mystical answer but the logical fall out of hundred of years of slavery and the concentrated program of castrating the black family by repeatedly brutalizing the natural leader of the the black family the black man comnbined with white inherently racist feminist ideology being embraced by our women too naive to peep that all of the gains of that ideology came at the expense of their men. You always can tell a black woman who embraces white feminism because she also has to have a open disdain for black men or isn't a critical enough thinker to realize that white men never had to deal with it on any tangible level but her son's were lynched for hundred of years to subsantiate the white woman's place as above black men in our social hierarchy as it were. Campaigns of white women being complimented by black men are used as a dog whistle to allude to the threat of sexual aggression in order to pass laws that will only be enforced against us as history shows. The saddest part however is that black women support the criminalization of black men out of ego and an inferiority complex to white women. The idea that "he shouldn't have looked at that white girl. Good for him" is very prevalent in our sisters and that lined up perfectly with the ideology of the racist white man. Today is what it is, but only because yesterday is what it was. How real is that?



bad ass mud dude says:

Ohhh is that what swirling means well for me I want the inside quality of a women and the outside second both need to be in tip top shape from the spirit to the mind to the health to and then the physical appearance of the woman's body I'll take any women who possess this diamond in the rough quality.

WalkOn Bye says:

All you men on here and I mean ALL are broken self-hating and colonised souls.
It's evident in your neglect of your woman not long and there will be nothing left of you eventually. You'd sooner sleep with god knows what before your own woman. Lol Fine by me.

Any whitey going with y'all she will never be accepted back and she knows it.
When her skin starts to wrinkle up, and white women do, you'll kick her ass to the curb and thats where she'll stay with her spawn.
Lol Good evening gentlemen.

Educated BlackMan says:

Too true. For decent men, there are too many unwed mothers and masculine women. Black women can't help but trash decent black men because of the actions of irresponsible men. The most attractive black women are in demand and know they can attract the black man with the highest income and nonblack men. That leaves reasonably attractive white women for the most part for decent, educated black men and these women are interested in black men. In fact, they seem to know that black women will overlook such men.

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