Matthew Hussey on Why Men Lose Interest Once You Show Yours!

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Relationship expert, Matthew Hussey of sits down with Beyond Black & White and gives us the deets on what goes on in a guy’s head so ladies can make better relationship decisions.
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Jack Bravo says:

This is for both male and female, when first dating someone new, hold back the feelings, be a challenge and let the relationship grow slowly. You will scare off anyone trying to lock them down immediately, let the person get used to you in their life. Again, this goes for both sexes.

safseyland says:

?????well said Matthew

Chakka Boola says:

Simple answer: it took like YEARS to finaly make her like you and confess her feelings. What happens after putting so much energy to get her and dealing with pain, silly head games and other men she went on dates with, men realize one thing: IT JUST WASN'T WORTH IT AT ALL! Instead we could have dated tons of women without getting through all their bullshit.

If women want a loyal guy then stop playing games, stop acting like bitches and stop pretending to be hard to get.

sun sun says:

Awful sound!

cocoa says:

cause is a challenge is not love

Sysie Imperatrice says:

my new crush :-*

Mr. Boarbaby says:

this is bullcrap. if i didnt think a girl liked me id leave her alone. plenty of other fish in the sea. if your guy dont see it that way its cause hes a loser who cant get girls. Ive been on both ends of that spectrum.

think for a second ladies. if you play like you dont like him and he keeps coming it doesnt mean hes super into you. it usually means hes desperate or more likely looking for a hunt. and if hes a hunter guess what youll spend your time doing the rest of your relationship if you want him to want you?

Mrs. D. says:

by the way you are AWESOME

Mrs. D. says:

bad sound etc good topic if I could have heard

lyfenlyn says:

Seriously though. What Mathew says makes sense….do GUYS KNOW THATS WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING? Honestly, I don't think today's average man has a clue about persuing a woman. It's all just random text messages and 'sup'. It's quite dismal actually.

kh9234 says:

You shouldn't play games just be yourself the right person none of this would matter surely. …

dretay91 says:

This whole message is bullshit. Women as a whole are attracted to the top 20% of men they have a monopoly on most of the women. You get angry when you get rejected by a man in the 20% but laugh at the decent guy in the 80% who would fucking die for you. Some of you in this comments section are absolutely terrible human beings. The guy who made this video is clearly a 20% male. White with a full head of hair and a symmetrical face. Even the below average looking girl feels entitled to male model while I have seen attractive men date and impregnate morbidly obese women. This video is absolutely repulsive

colin sherwood says:

love comes along once if your lucky enough.

Anastasia Imsdal says:

this is one of his BEST videos! brilliant!!!

Victoria says:

Sound quality is dreadful!

Zahra Liang says:

I think for girls, just dot be worried or even desperate when you are single. Its good to be single as you have more time for your own. Take time to find a good guy but open to meet a lot guys first. You will find the right one, just dont be rush and get into the idea that you need to be with someone and you need to be in love….The idea of to be in love is whats getting us tricked into guys who s not worth ur attention….wish all the best.

Teresita Badiango says:

Well guys, I think all of this discussions will bring a great deal for women and men, This is the problem of two people who gets involve there feelings to each other how they felt in real life, I think it's depend on the person Man ,woman, but show respect to each other will bring more forward it's relationship in future,to be sincerely be yourself,every human being have there own soul mate the real feelings comes to reality if god allowed them to met each other then I believe with faith.

mssummerrose1 says:

pure genious 🙂 thank you Matt !

Ruqayat Hime says:

Oh shit but I dont have a life, I chill at home and do my work ???

Gloria Perez says:

Next time, if you find a video on WHY LADIES LOSE INTEREST IN MEN…no wait, we know that, maybe that would be good for the guys to know.

Faye Taylor says:

I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to go to one of his seminars! I'll try to catch them in NY!

nija baby says:

He is handsome and loving the accent; )

Caramel Spice says:

"Tell a man you hate him, and you'll have the best sex of your life, but if you tell him you love him you'll probably never see him again." – Samantha Jones

Mastix says:

Bottom line, give these men nothing until they've have earned it by hanging in there to pursue you. QUIT making meals for him, running his errands, rearranging your schedule when he has done nothing for you and hasn't shown in interest in chasing you! And for chrissakes, don't extend the milk supply to him! You will never hear from him again, unless he just wants sex.

Mastix says:

If a woman has to chase any man, he's just not that effin' into you ladies! The moment you pursue them, they lose interest. 100% true! ??

Hatzz 2015 says:

audio sucks.. man a little effort would be appreciated. .

applecandy folks says:

i respect your method but its speaks to human as subject not as an actuality or reality to the age….meaning what you are saying is 100% effective and useful if this was 1960, this is 2016 and men are 90% VISUAL no matter what he says. he is just of more substance because he hasn't yet met the girl he haven't got in a long while or ever. if a female is suddenly going hard to attract the guy that has a mutual attraction to her and wants her, a real man would let her know that she can just be herself or prefer her style and ways just the way he met her. he should be impress by the fact that she is making that effort FOR HIM AND NOT ANOTHER MAN. the readily availability of other women who are willing to skip straight to bed is why other women who wish to treat men like men get dumped.
i'm sorry but if i like a guy, i will do thing stop impress him that i know is not out of my league, if he gets turn off the he is just not the guy for me and spells immaturity all the way around.

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